Going The Eclectic Way

Going The Eclectic Way

Going The Eclectic Way

The first person who introduced the term 'eclectic' to the world is presumed to be Johan Joachim Winckelmann. This term was used for the work of Carracci, who created his painting combining classical tradition with the elements of Renaissance.

Though the word eclectic is a recently coined design description, this style has been around for ages. Eclectic style is actually a very purposeful and well-thought way of decorating. The eclectic style is a perfect choice for those who love to mix styles. Don't think of eclectic as being cluttered, but instead as a careful gathering of interesting elements that all work together.

This style can be seen as a borrowing of various styles while creating a cohesive look using colours, textures, and/or shapes. It gives an opportunity to mix different styles, periods, and even cultures and create something you call your own. So, here is a chance to give your home the most personalised look as Jamila Chahwala, Architect, Aesthetic Designs shares some tips to give your home an eclectic look: 

Playing the right way!

eclectic 1

In this looks, a piece of wooden structure has been painted in white colour positioned against the sea green wall. The painting, a heavy wood furniture piece and white also de-clutters the details and makes the bar space look elegant. Owners' collection of African masks and wooden art pieces make the room to gel with contemporary elements as well. 

Old is gold!

eclectic 2

If you love to add personality to your home through accessories, the eclectic look is perfect for you. Think of your accessories as the jewels of the room. For instance, here the wall is the uniqueness to the room. Collection from different countries has been assembled on the travel wall. Wall cupboards and cutleries are three decades old and go perfectly well with the classic chairs and dining table. 

Unleash the rules

eclectic 3

Here, the entrance of the villa brings out the colourful and vibrant personality of the owner. The  bold-coloured wallpaper is used in contrast with the marble and wood. To brighten up the entrance, a chandelier is placed in the centre.

Let the communication flow

eclectic 5

In this case, the interior designers have opened up the wall between the kitchen and dining room so the two rooms could talk. Instead of keeping the wall empty, which leads to the kitchen, has been decorated with wall paintings.

Comfort zone

eclectic 6

To make this bedroom sunny, the designer has played with the Jali work through which the sun rays seep into the room, instead of making a simple window. Also the gaddas and lighting arrangements has been done to transform this window-like nook into a cosy place to sit with your evening tea or can be used as a reading spot. 

Making a  style statement!

eclectic 7

Old lampshades were set beside the sofas to give an elegant look. Also, wall and corner pieces add richness to this living area.

Eclectic style places value on the unique and unexpected and celebrates the art of surprise. So if you are creative enough and full of life then do try to go the eclectic way!

This article is authored by Jamila Chahwala, Architect at Aesthetic Designs. 

Last Updated: Mon Oct 10 2016

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