Going Furniture-Buying? 5 Mistakes You Might Be Making

Going Furniture-Buying? 5 Mistakes You Might Be Making

Going Furniture-Buying? 5 Mistakes You Might Be Making

Planning to move into your new home and excited about decorating it? New furniture, new decorative, plants and other interesting décor ideas may be on your mind, but, where do you start first?

Buying furniture is the first thing you do and create a decor theme that would go with your furniture. However, amid all the excitement as well as anxiety, there are certain mistakes you end up doing at the very first step – furniture shopping.

No future plans

Furniture buying is a once-in-a-decade purchase. Make sure you pick something that is likely to have equal relevance, durability and fit for use 10 years down the line. Make sure you keep yours and the other dwellers’ lifestyle in mind when making the purchase. For instance, when moving in with your children, pick their beds that will be viable for the next 10 years, however huge they seem for them now. Also, do pick a couch that would be able to fit all of you even when those little ones grow up.

Not the right fit

Buying furniture without proper measurement can be a disaster. A sofa set that looks like the perfect size for your living room when seeing it in a showroom, might just not fit well when delivered. Make sure you take the room measurements for which you are buying furniture. Pick what fits well leaving enough room for movement and future additions.

Buying it all together

Never buy all the furniture in one go, especially when picking it for the living room. Buying a complete set altogether might not be a viable idea. Pick the bigger piece first and then add chairs or tables based on the space available with you. Also, who knows you might find something better or exclusive elsewhere which you would want to add to your home.

Mix ‘n’ match

Mix ‘n’ match is not a good idea when it comes to furniture. Buying too small and too big furniture at the same time for the same space could be a deal breaker. Follow the concept of scale to ensure that everything in that room looks out of place. Opt for pieces that are in sync.

Leaving the unique stuff behind

Moving into a new home doesn’t mean that you ditch all that is old. Keep with you all the exclusive decorative or things that bring good memories with you and add them to your home once you have added all the new. Who knows this exclusive, or vintage or memorable piece may take the beauty level of your home to another level.

Last Updated: Mon May 13 2019

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