Give Your Home A Touch Of Vintage Elegance

Give Your Home A Touch Of Vintage Elegance

Give Your Home A Touch Of Vintage Elegance

Are you a vintage lover and plan to give your home a makeover using this theme? You are in for a treat.

Vintage decor gives your home a traditional and classy appearance. A blend of vibrant antique or vintage motifs and modern functional decorative pieces give your home a style statement you have always dreamt of. The trademark feature of the vintage era encompasses wooden furnishings, sleek lines, geometrical shapes, floral prints and mirrored accents. Also deep colours & shades viz. olive green and chocolate brown augment the overall décor.

MakaanIQ gives quick tips that could help you add a dash of vintage in different areas of your home.

Living Room



Opt for the 18th-century Korean screen hangs behind the seating area of your living room. You could give your furniture a slip-covered in vintage French linen sheets. A pair of chesterfield wing-back chairs or French chairs covered in floral upholstery would add a classy touch to the living space. Furthermore, standard hardwood tables, pallet shelf and other furniture with opulent curves at the legs and feet are a reflection of the vintage times.



Checkerboard flooring have been in trend for centuries and look graceful, particularly in cafe-style kitchens. So, how about giving your kitchens as well as your patio area the checker-board look.



Spruce up the patio with white outdoor furniture such as wrought iron table, ottoman sofa and retro cushions. A classy rocking chair will be an icing on the cake.


vintage bedroom(YouTube)

Create a perfect ambience with stylish bed frame with curved legs, patterned blankets, old chandelier and antique rug, making the room look and feel cosier. Shop for some antique furniture including grandfather clock, vanity dressing table and so on.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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