Give Your Home A Cool Look With Blue & White

Give Your Home A Cool Look With Blue & White

Give Your Home A Cool Look With Blue & White

The colours of a space create a great impact on how you feel. Thus, it becomes necessary to choose the right colours for creating the right mood. If you are trying to come up with a calm environment, using blue and white colour scheme. would be perfect. It is one of the evergreen colour combinations that come out to be natural for most of the people. MakaaniQ gives you reasons that make blue and white a great colour combination:

Makes the room look spacious

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White colour always gives a spacious look to the room. This, when paired with a versatile colour such as blue, makes a tiny room look spacious. Paint three walls in white and choose blue colour for the fourth wall. This colour combination is perfect for a kid's room or a study room as these are usually small in size.

Blue can never be overdone

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The great part about blue colour is that it can never be overdone. You can choose draperies that are blue in colour along with a rug and throw a pillow in blue colour and it will only add an elegant look to the room. This decor can be paired with a white lamp, windows and white bed sheet. The over dose of blue would not look odd but leave a soothing impact on you.

Shades of blue and white leave a calming effect

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Shades of blue and white inspire calmness and relaxation. The colour combination is perfect for bedroom as it is a place to rest. Blue colour brings down blood pressure and slows down the respiration and heart rate. Pairing it with the evergreen white is a great way to give a calm look to your room.

Dramatic blue gives a scholarly touch


For giving a scholarly look to the room use very deep shades of blue. Drawing room or library room when painted in dramatic blues will give a royal look.  

For rooms that have no windows


Use this colour combination in rooms where there are no windows. The blue and white colour will give a sky like look to your room. As a result, you won't need windows. This colour combination can be used inside rooms that often do not have windows. 

A beach-like home


If you want to give your home a beach like look, then pair blue paint with wooden flooring. Paint the walls with a light blue. Use of blue lampshades or decorative pillows will further enhance the look of the room. You can also use seashells and sail boats to add to the theme of the home.

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Last Updated: Wed Jun 21 2017

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