Get Inspired With These 10 Home Décor Instagram Accounts

Get Inspired With These 10 Home Décor Instagram Accounts

Get Inspired With These 10 Home Décor Instagram Accounts

Gone are the times when we used to rip off pages from interior design magazine for inspiration when designing our homes. Now, we search for inspiration online especially on photo-sharing social media platforms like Instagram.

Are you one of them who is on a mission to design her home on her own and looking for inspiration on Instagram? Stop hashtag searching because here is a list of 10 Instagrammers you can follow to set your décor goals for your home now:


This account is all about luxurious inspiration as it showcases life-size homes from across the world with opulent interiors. Curated by Kate Rumson, the account lets you set goals for your entire home and even for a small table you just introduced in your home. The focus is details.


This is a special account. It showcases all the projects done in timber worldwide ranging from complete homes to kitchens and even furniture. It also shows how timber is blended with other elements used in the construction process. So if you are a fan of timber and want to be enlightened about where all it can be used, start following this account.


For those who love subtle décor and looking for room-by-room inspiration, this account is to your rescue. It is a mix of luxurious and pocket-friendly décor ideas making it a favourite among all. This account reposts room pictures posted by designers worldwide.


Showcasing room inspiration from different interior designers and architects, this account is curated by design expert Farah Merhi. She is also an ardent YouTuber giving you a tour of how to design your homes, latest trends and even cool do-it-yourself ideas. Follow this account for some serious interior décor information and trends.


Looking specifically for furniture inspiration? Follow this page of Indian furniture and art brand Nivasa Home. This account showcases how a piece of furniture can transform a space, how you could style or stage a piece of furniture with right accessories and soft furnishings, among others. It is all about being classic and luxurious.


It's time to indulge. With this account, you will witness design inspiration from as many as 500 designers, under the umbrella of this interior design agency Homepolish. You can see some detailed ideas shared every day by this account. Go out pick the smallest of design ideas from the complete ensemble.


An account of Indian interior designer Devyani Kumar, it gives you design ideas inspired by the luxurious palaces in the state of Rajasthan. The designer showcases some of her works on the account. The staging includes both furniture and upholstery.


How to add quirk and colour to your otherwise traditional décor is what you can learn from this account of Indian architect Dipa Desai. It has some of her works that show how a space has been given a traditional look with a modern functional twist. She experiments quirk with traditional ethnic accessories.


A blogger's Instagram account, The Design Chaser, shows how to stage your room with the right furniture and accessories to go with it. For those looking at a career in interior designing, you can also take some home styling tips from blogger Michelle Halford, who is also a stylist.


This is an Instagram account of a boutique home décor store in Delhi. For those looking for design inspirations that are traditional, follow them. It is a mix of products designed using Indian, Moroccan and even Mexican traditional décor styles.

Last Updated: Thu Mar 30 2017

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