Front Door Designs To Create The First Impression

Front Door Designs To Create The First Impression

Front Door Designs To Create The First Impression

First impression lasts forever, and that should be the driving force when one is picking the entrance door for their new homes. Would we not want our near and dear ones to be dazzled by the sheer beauty our main door exhibits? Would we not want our neighbours to be painfully jealous of the superior aesthetic sense staring at them right at the entry point? Let us see what could be your options while you try to achieve the above-mentioned goals. 

Short and simple


As seen in the picture, the plain charcoal door is a perfect fit for a modern-day home that is done minimally. A long steel door handle is installed to keep it sturdy and make it easy to use, along with adding aesthetics. The door contrasts well with white exterior paint. A door like this can be made of solid wood or steel and painted into the colour of your choice.

Larger than life

front door

This door oozes class, luxury and strength. Made of solid wood, this double door is well-suited for homes that have wider frames. This door is the focal point of the house and is made of solid wood. The glass enhances the look, but that is not the only thing is does. It also ends the need to install a peephole, right? This door would go well in a traditional Indian home.

Crafted in glass

Front Door

Well-suited for villa row houses that have a boundary wall and a gate, this front door is beauty personified. It showcases painted and carved glass framed into a wooden door. The design does not ensure much safety or privacy but fits well with a Victorian decor theme.

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Classy and robust

front door

This front door is a combination of two types ─ a wooden door and a mesh door. The two layers of doors ensure safety and privacy even when you keep the wooden door open. During the day, keep the wooden door open while the mesh door closed to allow the fresh outdoor air to come in and enjoy the nature. While here the mesh door frame is made of wood, you could also have it framed it in steel. This would strengthen the safety measure.

Carved in steel

Front door

This door is not only aesthetically beautiful but also ensures safety. This door is a combination of steel and glass. Along with a steel frame, the glass is also adorned with carved steel giving a complete European decor theme. This can be a single or a double door.

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Now, before you pick your favourite design, here are some tips for you to choose the right entry door.

Search: Go online and research about the kind of door you want. You could also find out various suppliers and get the best price of a particular door for them.

Installation: Before you choose a door, check its size to make sure it fits the existing frame.

Safety: One of the prime purposes of the door is to provide privacy and security to the residents. Look for a door that is sturdy and heavy. Do not opt for a hollow laminate door that could be easily broken and invaded into. Make sure these doors are installed with good quality locks and latches.

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Last Updated: Thu May 09 2019

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