From Reel To Real: 6 Ways To Decorate Your TV Wall

From Reel To Real: 6 Ways To Decorate Your TV Wall

From Reel To Real: 6 Ways To Decorate Your TV Wall
There shapes and sizes have changed and so have the ways they are kept, but television sets remain the primary source of entertainment in an urban life. This is why decorating the area around your TV sets is part of the overall home decor.

MakaanIQ lists ways in which you could deck up your TV wall:

Create a background
To make the otherwise blank back wall of the television, add some interesting wallpapers or even wooden panel on which you could install the television. Use wallpapers that go well with your decor. Wallpapers add life to the wall and also bring focus to the television. On the other hand, a wooden panel can solve two purposes: it works as the background for your television and you can also conceal all the wires under the panel, giving the room a clean and clutter-free look. 
Vases & decorative
To make your television area look bright and lively, add some greens, vases and other decorative such as sculptures, designer bowls, crystalware, etc. You could choose between placing a number of small decorative or placing that one piece which would define it all.
Hang that shelf 
Shelves can be an interesting way to add decorative element to the television wall, apart from being useful as a storage space. Place these shelves below your television to double it as a storage for your DVD player, DVDs, other wires and gadgets. Or, place them above or on the sides of the television and you could use them to place small decorative, artefacts, and photo frames. You could also have cabinets in place of these shelves when being used for storage. 
Build your gallery
How about creating your own photo gallery right above or on the sides of your television? Photos will instantly make the wall come to life and compliment your décor.
Light it up
To brighten up the area around the television, place a light lamp. You could opt between a ceramic table lamp or even a steel-finish standing lamp, depending on the décor of your home. While ceramic lamp would fit well with a more yesteryear décor, the steel-finish standing lamp could be a perfect fit for a contemporary setting.
Pull up the volume
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Last Updated: Tue May 10 2016

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