Frame Your Exteriors With Awnings

Frame Your Exteriors With Awnings

Frame Your Exteriors With Awnings

Awnings are the secondary coverings, composed of canvas and can be attached to a doorway or a window of a home, even a patio or a deck. While they keep you cool in summers, keeping the direct sunlight to enter your home, they also help break strong winds and give protection during the rainy season. But did you know awnings also can act as an excellent décor element for the exterior of your home? Available in varied sizes, patterns, and colours these could one of the most inexpensive home improvement as well as decor project.

MakaanIQ elaborates on different materials, types and styles of awnings available that can add elegance to your home exteriors:


  • Natural: Awnings made using wood, treated cotton and natural fibres prove to be ideal when it comes to easy maintenance and replacement.
  • Metal: Steel and aluminium make for sturdy awning options. However, they require frequent repainting in order to prevent rusting.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass awnings are lighter alternatives to steel and aluminium awnings. They are translucent and thus allow some light and minimise the blackout effect.
  • Acrylic and Acrylic-Coated Synthetic Fabrics: These materials repel water efficiently.


  • Fixed: A welded frame attached to a wall permanently, these awnings are sturdy, long-lasting and ideal for smaller areas like windows and doors.
  • Retractable: Retractable awnings are flexible and could be opened or rolled back. Such awnings may even have motorised controls. The benefits of using them includes minimum maintenance and are perfect for adorning the patio or the deck.


  • Slope: The steeper angle of this style facilitates smooth runoff for rain.
  • Crescent: This style enhances the architectural beauty of the home's exterior.
  • Waterfall: Waterfall awnings help in adding signage as well as protection to the building.
  • Dome: The awnings in the dome style help minimise indoor temperatures and aid in saving energy bills .
Last Updated: Tue Jun 07 2016

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