How To Choose Bathroom Flooring Tile

How To Choose Bathroom Flooring Tile

How To Choose Bathroom Flooring Tile

Choosing flooring for a bathroom is not same as that of any other room in the house. For bathroom, an area that handles a lot of water flow, the right flooring is the one that dries up quickly, is slip-proof and has low porosity. These features make tiles a cost-effective and best-suited product for bathroom flooring, available in vast range of types, patterns, sizes and colours. So, if you are planning to revamp your bathroom or build a new one, here is a guide that would help you choose the right tile.

Budget: Before you begin looking for the right flooring for your bathroom, set a budget you would want to spend on this process. Keep in mind that your budget includes the material and installation cost. For those looking for cost-effective flooring options, tiles are the right choice. These are not heavy on the pocket, have minimal wastage and are easy to install, saving you money at every step.

Size: Tiles are available in large and small square and rectangular shapes. In case your bathroom has curves or corners, pick smaller tiles so that these can be easily cut and placed at the corners, ensuring less wastage. For larger bathrooms, bigger tiles can be considered as smaller number will be required for installation and there will be less grouting.

Maintenance: The bathroom is one area in a home that is not cleaned on a daily basis. So, pick bathroom tiles that do not need daily cleaning.

Safety: The area that has a lot of water that could make the floor slippery requires a flooring that is skid-proof. Tiles do have a feature of being skid-proof and these also dry easily the moment excess water is cleared using a floor wiper.

Colour scheme: Tiles also make your bathroom look aesthetically appealing. Tiles are available in various colours, prints and patterns that would allow you to design a bathroom that is exclusive to you. You could play with these colours and patterns between your floor and wall tiles, giving you room to experiment.




For bathrooms, use glazed ceramic tiles as these have low porosity levels and are cost effective. Available in wide range of colours and prints, ceramic tiles are durable.


Bathroom Porcelain

For those who are looking for a warm flooring, terracotta is the choice. A perfect fit for Indian homes, terracotta tiles are cost-effective, durable and easy to maintain. However, to ensure the life of these tiles is longer, a sealing agent need to applied on them every two years. The sealing agent would keep the tiles stain resistant and do not break easily.


Bathroom Vinyl

One of the most commonly used bathroom tiles, vinyl are the cheapest tile option. Available in basic solid colours, vinyl is not the right fit for those planning for a bathroom that is aesthetically appealing. However, vinyl tiles are cost-effective and environment friendly as these can be reused and reinstalled.


Bathroom Porcelain

Porcelain tiles are considered to be the best material to be used for bathroom flooring. Stronger than ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are durable, better scratch resistant, absorbs less water, and are more stain resistant. However, it is also expensive than ceramic tiles.


Bathroom Marble

Those looking to give their bathroom a luxurious look and feel could use marble tiles. However, these don't work as effectively for a bathroom as they do, say, in the living room. These tiles are comparatively more expensive.

Last Updated: Fri Mar 22 2019

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