Five key Vaastu Tips for your house

Five key Vaastu Tips for your house

Five key Vaastu Tips for your house

Many people believe that properties that were build according to Vaastu Shastra foster good energies and vibrancy. Although, there are several conditions that one has to adhere to in order to get the perfect Vaastu compliance for your home.

We present the five basic Vaastu tips for your home.

It is advised that a Bhumi Pooja should be performed before starting the construction of the building. This Pooja invites good energies and ensures an auspicious beginning of all future proceedings.

Home entrance
East is considered as the most auspicious direction for a home entrance. The sun rises in the east and the sunlight brings with it positive energy and ample light for a home. North East is also a good direction to have a home entrance.

Kitchen location
The best location for Kitchen is the South-East corner of the home. It is advisable that cooking should be done while facing the Eastern side. If the Kitchen cannot be located in South-East corner, then try to move the gas stove towards SE corner. Please note, kitchen never be located directly in front of the main door of the house.


The Bedroom should not be near the main entrance and it should be located at the South West corner of a house. Rectangular and square shaped bedrooms are recommended. Keeping mirrors in a bedroom is not desirable.

Toilet location
Toilets should ideally be located in the North-West corner of the rooms. Another preferable location could be the South East direction of the house. It is also advisable that the toilets, the Pooja room and kitchen are not be adjacent to one other.

Last Updated: Fri Dec 05 2014

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