Five Easy Ways To Add Quirk To Your Home Décor

Five Easy Ways To Add Quirk To Your Home Décor

Five Easy Ways To Add Quirk To Your Home Décor

A fine and unique décor adds panache to your home interiors. The décor of your home defines your taste; since you want to be different, you sometimes end up making needless changes and spending a lot of money. MakaanIQ lists some interesting items that jazz up your interiors and add vibrance to your home, without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Indoor greens


Your greens are your best friend. Apart from adding freshness and colour to your home, they also keep the pollution level low. You can hang plants from the ceiling to save some floor space. You can also suspend it upside down for that peculiar look. A gorgeous green in your living room has the potential to raise the style quotient of your house.

  • Chic lamps


Correct lighting is a great way to add brightness to your corners. Decorative wall sconces can beautify any wall of your room. Accent lighting is also used to highlight other items of décor, such as paintings, sculptures, etc. You can also highlight your bookshelves by decorating them with accent lamps.

  • Classy clocks


Clocks can be a prodigious home décor item when selected smartly. A dark-coloured clock, when placed against a light wall, adds to your room's aesthetics. Market is full of antique wall clocks that can add style and interest factor to the interiors of your home. 

  • Fascinating wall hangings


The quickest way to add a character to your room is through a wall hanging. You can create a gallery wall using paintings, pictures of your family and images with your favourite quotes. You can mix metal-framed pictures with wooden-framed ones. Picture-hanging kit can be a good idea.   

  • Cushion covers


Cushions in different colours and shapes can be the focal point of your room. The ends of the couch can be decorated with cushions that have digital prints or geometric designs. By placing silk or leather cushions, you can add a dramatic effect. Pillows with sequins, embroidery and quilted patchwork will lend a traditional look to the room.

Last Updated: Tue Jul 16 2019

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