#FIFA2018: 5 Most Expensive Footballer Mansions Across The World

#FIFA2018: 5 Most Expensive Footballer Mansions Across The World

#FIFA2018: 5 Most Expensive Footballer Mansions Across The World

They have made headlines for their skills, earned fortunes for it, too. Most of the footballers across the world, especially the ones who have made it to the top in their career are known to have a great taste in terms of a luxury lifestyle. From fast cars to customized mansions, these players have it all. However, there are some who have not only made it to the top in the game but also top the list of owing some of the most expensive properties in the world.

Here we list five footballers who own the most expensive mansions among other fellow players:

Didier Drogba ($21 million)

Didier Drogba

The 40-year-old football player represents the Ivory Coast national team. He also plays for the Phoenix Rising club. Didier Yves Drogba Tebil owns a seven-bedroom-eight-bathroom house worth $21 million in England. The mansion houses a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a sauna, a gym, a home theatre, a home office, a gaming room and a room-museum for his awards.

Wayne Rooney ($17.5 million)

Wayne Rooney

The 32-year-old English footballer, Wayne Rooney, has earned for himself name and fame over the years. Apart from his football skills, the player has also has to his name one of the most expensive properties a footballer has ever owned. Rooney owns a $17.5-million house in a Cheshire countryside. Built on a 40-acre plot, the house will boast an orangery, bar, TV room, snooker room and cinema. An indoor swimming pool adds to the beauty and a stable of 14 horses is built alongside. The six-bedroom house has a plush garage for six cars.

Cristiano Ronaldo ($6 million)

Cristiano Ronaldo

Thirty-three-year-old Ronaldo plays for the national soccer team of Portugal along with Spanish club Real Madrid. He lives in a $6 million mansion located at Madrid. He bought the property in 2008 and later listed it for sale. The property has a sauna, a private theatre, a gym, a pool and an aquarium.

Lionel Messi ($5 million)

Lionel Messi

The 31-year-old Argentine footballer and also a part of the Barcelona soccer club holds the record of youngest player to hit 200 goals in the League of Spain. Later in 2014, he completed his score of 400 goals. A four-time owner of the Golden Ball, he owns a $5 million mansion which is inspired by football too. When looked from the top, the mansion looks like his jersey number, 10. Known as One-Zero Eco House, the house was constructed in 2016, designed by architect Luis Garrido. built on a monster 13-square mile plot 22 miles outside of Barcelona and divided into two halves like a football pitch.

One half of the property has an oversized swimming pool, while the other has a lawn with the football-shaped home on it. The mansion is built on a 8,320-acre plot. Located outside Barcelona, the property is divided into two halves just like a football pitch. There is an oversized swimming pool in the mansion house that has a spa centre, a home theatre and an indoor soccer field for training.

Mario Balotelli ($4.86 Million)

Mario Balotelli

The 27-year-old Mario Balotelli Barvua is an Italian footballer who also plays for the Liverpool team. He is a striker and has played for Italy in Euro 2012 and FIFA World Cup 2014. Known as Super Mario among his fans, Balotelli lives in $4.86-million villa located at Alderley Edge near Manchester. A four bedroom, bathroom house is equipped with a wine cellar, a private theatre, a putting green and an indoor pool. The villa offers panoramic views of the Cheshire countryside from its location on The Edge.

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