Explore The Unexplored To Store Better

Explore The Unexplored To Store Better

Explore The Unexplored To Store Better

Shelves are not just places which let to put to display the artifacts and knick-knacks; they also help you store. However, in most houses we see shelves constructed at usual places, and often no effort to made to think out of the box despite the fact that inserting more shelves is badly needed. The answer to this lies in you using your imagination to explore unexplored areas in your house to construct shelves.

Over the sink


A single and simple shelf above the kitchen sink not only looks elegant, but also helps you add personal touch to the space. You can keep things like toiletries or a small indoor plant over it. Make sure that the shelf is not made of wood, glass or metal. It should also not be varnished, waxed. You have to be mindful of the fact that there could be water splashes from the sink. Be careful while drilling the shelf in the bathroom wall where electrical wires and pipes are hidden.

Take a side


If you do not have enough space to keep a bedside table, installing a shelf is always a good idea. This shelf can be used to keep things like book, phone or a water bottle. Mount the shelf at a height that things don't fall over your bed or you while you are asleep.

Move them on stairs

stair shelf (verawedding.net)(verawedding.net)

Generally, the walls of the stairs are either left blank or are decorated with pictures hanged on them. Use the space wisely to add shelves to keep some decorative. You can also mount many shelves to keep your books and put them on display. Make sure the shelves are installed in way not to obstruct or harm the passerby.

Put it behind

sofa (keepsonringing.files.wordpress.com)(keepsonringing.files.wordpress.com)

A shelf behind the sofa is always a plus. The unused area can be very useful for keeping decorative items. You can decorate the shelf with books, pictures or small indoor plants. Getting a shelf behind the sofa will also be an interesting way to design and decorate your living room.

Reach above

bookshelf (eleganthomesshowcase.com)(eleganthomesshowcase.com)

An invisible bookshelf is one of the great ways to keep your books in place. Install shelves one above the other to save space and accommodate more. You can install these shelves in either side of the bedroom or behind the doors by using the blank wall spaces.

Last Updated: Wed Jan 18 2017

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