Essential Baskets For A Modular Kitchen

Essential Baskets For A Modular Kitchen

Essential Baskets For A Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens are all about having an organised space. But, what makes these kitchens organised is not only about how they are designed on the outside but also what goes inside the cabinets. If you want a clutter-free clean and organised kitchen, picking the right baskets is a must.

Here is a list of essential baskets you must install in your kitchen.

Cutlery tray: These trays come with sections that could hold all types of cutlery, from tablespoons to forks and from serving spoons to dessert knives. For easy access, always install this tray right below where you would place your cooking hob. These are mostly made of stainless steel to make sure any wetness attached to the cutlery does not impact your cabinets.

Corner swing-out: Corners occupy a good deal of space in a kitchen and they must be duly utilised. The corner swing-out baskets ensure that your biggest of utensils, which you might use seldomly, can be placed under here. These are available in diameters ranging between 19-27 inches with a 17-inch height.

Plates, cup & saucer basket: Partition baskets are the ones that come with different sections where you could place your dinner set and cup and saucer set. These baskets have a mix of plate holding partition and a regular partition.

Pull-out baskets: Also known as bottle pull-out trays, these thin baskets are designed to hold different bottles, including ketchup, oil, pickles among others in place. The design ensures that bottle don’t clink and break. Moreover, this ensures only required space is designated for bottles.

Garbage basket: These are installed in the space right underneath the sink. As this area can’t be used for other storage purposes, it is used to install dustbin. Generally, these baskets are installed on the door of the cabinet so that the moment you open it you could dispose of the waste without having to bend down. These are available in six-inch height and 10-inch diameter.

Pan baskets: These are plain stainless steel baskets which can be wider and higher than other baskets. This allows you to keep various sizes of pans and even stack them. For ease of placement, you could have at least two such baskets in your kitchen depending on the space.

Grain basket: This basket is one of the sturdy ones and important for Indian homes. This basket allows you to place your flour container which is generally tall and heavy. This basket is designed to ensure it can carry the weight of the container which in an average Indian home holds 10 kg of flour.


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