Eat, Play, Love: 5 Ways To Use Your Dining Table Better

Eat, Play, Love: 5 Ways To Use Your Dining Table Better

Eat, Play, Love: 5 Ways To Use Your Dining Table Better

While you may have burned a hole in your pocket in your attempt to buy that elegant and fancy dining table, you often realise you are not able make the most of this expensive piece of furniture.

 How about making an attempt to do so?

Here are some ways other than dining you could use this furniture for:

We kid you not!


Is your dining table a part of the large living room space that further extends to the kitchen? In such a case, you could use the dining table and the area as a play and study area for your little ones. While you work in the kitchen or sit and watch your favourite television show in the living room, the kids could use the dining table as their playground. They could play games, read, draw and colour and even do some interesting craft activities using the table.

Let the game unfold


With friends coming over for a party, transform this dining table in to a game table. When you are done serving snack on this table, clear the clutter, place a snooker board, carrom board or just gather around to play a game of cards.

Bringing your work home


When not in use, your dinner table could be transformed into your workstation. Place your laptop, diary, pens and your favourite cup of coffee and your dining table doubles up as a workstation. The advantage of using the dining as a workstation is that you would not have to separately invest in a table and a chair and also, the level of chair and the table of the dining will be perfect for you to work on.

A learning experience


If you have a separate dining room, you could add some bookshelves to the area and fill it with your collection of books. Use it as a reading area where you could sit with your favourite book and coffee or also read out to your child. Why stop there? How about hosting a children's' reading session right here?

Let's talk


Want to have some family time without the television distracting you? Well, your dining table is the best place to have a one-on-one interaction with your family. In fact, some of the best personal conversations happen at the dining table.

Last Updated: Mon Jul 04 2016

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