Easy Home Hacks To A Dust-Free Home

Easy Home Hacks To A Dust-Free Home

Easy Home Hacks To A Dust-Free Home

In India, a country where homes are prone to dust, cleaning and dusting your home and keeping it sparkling could be a tedious task. In fact, you end up spending a certain fraction of your home budget on home cleaning gadgets and products. But, is not necessary to spend a lot rather create some home hacks that could help you get rid of the dust. 

MakaanIQ lists some easy hacks you could try to make your home dust free:

Dryer sheets

Dryer sheets, the gauze-like tissues, are known to eliminate static and can prove to be a durable form of dusting material, too.

  • Use them to clean your gadgets such as TV or computer screens. It can also be used for removing water spots from faucets.
  • Due to its static quality, you can also use a dryer sheet to remove pet hair from the furniture, the clothing or rugs, by simply wiping them with the sheets.

Baby wipes

These wet tissues can be used to wipe of dust from areas which are hard to reach.

  • Tape a wipe to your broom and you will observe that the dust will stick to the wipe rather than spreading elsewhere.
  • Use baby wipes to clean your keyboard and clear the dust gathered between the keys.  
  • Clean your houseplants and give them a fresh and green look by wiping them using a baby wipe.
  • You can also use baby wipes to clean your leather sofa or other leather-made furniture.
  • Clean and give a shiny look to the outside of your fridge, plastic toys and even electric switches by wiping them with baby wipes.

Make your own duster

For cleaning window blinds or grills, make your own do-it-yourself (DIY) duster for the purpose. Take a tong and wrap microfiber dusting clothes on each side of the tong. You can secure the cloth with rubber bands. Clasp your tongs around each blind or window grill to clear all dust.

Don't throw those old socks

Use old socks and stretch it over a small-sized mop to make another handy duster. You can use this duster to clean your washing machine or even your kitchen slab.

Wipe off dust from fans

Think twice before you begin the tedious task of cleaning the dust off the fans? Here's how you could do it without spreading the dust. Take an old pillow cover and slide each blade, one at a time into a pillowcase and wipe. Voila! Your fan is clean and the dust stayed inside the pillow cover.

Last Updated: Thu Jul 14 2016

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