Drape Over: 7 Types & Styles Of Curtains For Your Windows

Drape Over: 7 Types & Styles Of Curtains For Your Windows

Drape Over: 7 Types & Styles Of Curtains For Your Windows

Curtains are an essential part of interior decoration. They add to the beauty of a room, besides offering privacy. To ensure your curtains are in sync with your interiors, you could choose from among different styles and types.

MakaanIQ lists seven types and styles of curtains that you could experiment with:


red-pocket (Dreamstime)(Dreamstime)

These types of curtains are also known as pole-pocket drapes. These are made by creating a casing at the top that passes over a curtain rod. So, there is no need for rings. These give an impression that the curtains are integrated in the wall; the rod is almost invisible under the drapes.


Pencil pleat curtain (wikipedia.org)(Dreamstime)

This is the most common and classic type of curtains that gives a casual and simple look. These curtains are named so because their style resembles a row of pencils put side by side. The pleats are created by gathering folds while retaining the shape by a cord being pulled on heading tape. The pencil pleats can be let loose or pulled tight by using strings at the end of the curtain.


Tab_Top_Curtain (commons.wikimedia.org)(Dreamstime)

These curtains are appropriate for a casual set-up. They are made with flat loops which are created only by fabric. The loops are spaced along the top edge of the curtain, through which the rod passes. These curtains can be easily closed or drawn open without pulling cords. Tab-top curtains do not require curtain rings, either.

Ring-top & grommet-top

(Grommet-top dreamstime)(Dreamstime)

Ring-top and grommet-top drapes are contemporary-style curtains. Ring-tops have rings attached to the drapes, while grommets are rings fixed into the fabric. These styles create a pleated look which is both crisp and modern. The ring-top drapes can be styled with different pleats -- versatile pleat, double-box pleat, triple-box pleat, goblet pleat, among others.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer (dreamstime)(Dreamstime)

The sheer curtains allow air and light to pass into the room, while still maintaining privacy. These curtains are generally layered with opaque curtains.

Blackout or thermal drapery

Blackout drapery (pinterest.angelique)(Pinterest/Angelique)

These curtains have an extra lining, so they offer complete protection against heat and cold. They appear like any other drapery; the only difference is of an extra layer of lining. The drapes keep sun away completely and are also good at providing privacy.

Window scarves and valances

WIndow scarves (pinterest (club.osinka.ru)(Pinterest/Club.osinka.ru)

These are generally meant to add beauty to the window. Scarves are mere decorative pieces that can be draped to the existing curtains. Place a colour-contrast scarf with your curtains; it will give a beautiful appearance. Similarly, valances are window treatment generally used to hide drapery rods. They are mounted above the window over the curtains.

However, to give enhance the look of your windows, make sure you have the right accessories, too.

Curtain rods

Rods should be wisely chosen depending on the kind of drape and cloth you are using as curtains. However, some designs completely hide the rods, but there are some that enhance the look of the drapes. In case you have a contemporary set up, opt for sleek steel-finish rods work. However, luxury is your pick then detailed wooden or golden-finish rods can give your decor the desired look.


Make sure you pick quality clips and hangers. Clips that are largely metallic could rust with time. So make sure you pick good quality clips. In case of round hangers, pick that matches the curtain rod to ensure the look is seamless.


Tiebacks are one of the most important accessories needed for curtains. These allow to keep the curtains open when needed and in style. Tiebacks, available in various designs, colours and styles, are known to add a classic look to your window treatment. 



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