Do's & Don'ts For A Student-Friendly Accommodation

Do's & Don'ts For A Student-Friendly Accommodation

Do's & Don'ts For A Student-Friendly Accommodation
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An enthralling journey in every individual's life and the first step on the path to a successful career is the student life. It is a well-known fact that a student's performance depends on the environment he or she studies and lives in. So, having a positive learning atmosphere and a personalised study space is of utmost importance. An outstanding academic performance demands immense concentration and focus, so sufficient thought and efforts must be given to have a study room that offers all of this.

If you are a student living in a PG accommodation, college hostel or with your family, here are a few basic tips from MakaanIQ that you could follow to build a suitable environment for studying:


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A well-lit study space is a prime need for every student. Bad or dim light could be detrimental for your eyes.

Dos: Table lamps are a must-have for every student's room. Apart from being a supplementary lighting option, they act as a decorative, too. Choose from among the latest designs equipped with light-emitting diodes (LEDs). When picking a table lamp, ensure that the height and shade width meets your requirement. Also, the room should be well-lit with white-yellow light, which is known to up the concentration. During the day, open the windows and make optimum use of the natural sunlight.

Don'ts: Do not let any object interfere with the table lighting. Make sure light falls on your table instead of causing glare. Do not use lamps during the day; instead, sit in an area which is lit with natural light.

Spacious study desk and bookshelf

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Dos: Organise your room by opting for a generous-sized furniture that can accommodate a student's paraphernalia. Install cabinetry that could store all your books and bags, so that your room doesn't look cluttered. A ladder bookshelf or wall bookcases could be an interesting way of storing and even decorating your room.

Don'ts: A cluttered surrounding will lead to a cluttered mind, too. Do not let things pile up; organise them in your closet or cabinetry.

Comfortable bedding

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Dos: Sound sleep is mandatory for a healthy and disciplined lifestyle, as well as effective concentration. Ensure you have soft pillows and a comfortable mattress.

Don'ts: Do away with the old and worn-out bedding, as an uncomfortable mattress could lead to lack of sleep, besides severe pain in the neck and lower back.

Personalise your space

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Dos: Adorn your room's walls with bright wallpaper, inspiring paintings, showpieces and artworks. You can also have your favourite person's posters. This will give you the much needed motivation.

Don'ts: Avoid objects, such as television, music system, etc, which can be sources of distraction.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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