Don't Make These 7 Décor Mistakes

Don't Make These 7 Décor Mistakes

Don't Make These 7 Décor Mistakes

Home decoration is an ongoing process. You keep on adding new things and removing the ones that are out of fashion. While you do that, you make many hits and misses. However, entertaining certain décor ideas could be a total disaster and a clear no-no.

Rushing in

New home owners are often in a rush to turn the unit into their “dream home”. This could cause décor blunders of epic proportions. Do settle in before you start buying the furniture and other accessories to adorn your home.

Advice: Only place the necessary things before you move in. Keep on adding all that would add to the beauty of your home.

Bold but not beautiful

Dreaming of a sofa set in bold colours? You think it's in vogue? Well, it would only look good to the human eye for a few days and then it would seem too bright, too out of the place or too much in your face. Moreover, with that bold sofa set, you will be unable to add much decorative or other furnishings.

Advice: Always opt for furniture of light colours. These not only make your room look bigger but also gives you a room to experiment with bright colours in small amounts.

Marble countertops

Marble countertops look fancy and add to the luxury quotient of your home. But, do you know marble countertops are not only heavy on your pocket, they are also susceptible to stains and scratches? Using them in the kitchen is a big no-no, as with time they would gather the cooking stains. Scratches on the way are inevitable, too.

Advice: If your budget permits, invest in granite countertops in dark colours. If you have a low budget, you could also use quartz or ceramic tiles.

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Too much cushion

Saw a look in the latest design magazine that showcased a sofa, laden with cushions and you completely loved that look? While you admired the complete look, you missed the fact that there was no room to sit, hence, defeating the actual purpose of buying a sofa. Having too many cushions may look lovely in pictures but when it comes to use, these cushions are a complete waste.

Advice: Try to add only two or three cushions to a sofa. You could do a mix-match of colours to make your room look brighter.

Design before comfort

One of the biggest décor mistakes you could make in your home is to prioritise design over comfort. Remember, comfort comes first. Don't keep on adding furniture, upholstery, furnishings and decorative that may be uncomfortable for you, your family members and your guests. For instance, many of us are fascinated by the minimal furniture and even end up buying the contemporary dining table made in resin. But, do you know that the hard-surfaced dining chairs could be uncomfortable for your old parents, or too slippery for your little ones?

Advice: Always ensure that you are buying furniture that is going to offer you comfort. In case of furnishings, opt for things that are made of comfortable fabric including cotton, velvet and silk.

That's a match

Matching is another idea that you might go absolutely wrong with. If you love a colour, it doesn't mean you completely do your room using that colour. It would end up making your room look shabby.

Advice: Mix and match colours into a perfect combination. Your favourite colour should hold a small but defined space in the room for it to play its magic.

Floating rugs

Many people buy rugs even before they have bought the furniture or set it in the way they want it to be. This may result in displaced or floating rugs that do not add to the look of the home.

Advice: Invest in rugs once you have placed your furniture the way you want to. Now, buy a rug that covers all the empty space.

Last Updated: Wed Nov 02 2016

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