DIY Ideas To Bring Your Good Old Furniture Back To Life

DIY Ideas To Bring Your Good Old Furniture Back To Life

DIY Ideas To Bring Your Good Old Furniture Back To Life

Furniture is a long term purchase, something that will be a part of our homes for years to come. Are you bored of your good old furniture but don't wish to replace it, too? Well, you could simply give them an eye-pleasing twist. It is time to pep up the old yet strong furniture and give them a creative personality.

MakaaniQ list some ideas you could do yourself to quirk up your furniture:

A little change


Just a small change can give a completely new look to your furniture. How? Think of changing the knobs and handles of drawers, cabinet and doors. To the old furniture, add a touch of contemporary with some new metallic designs of handles.

Bright and bold


Painting your old furniture into something bright can be an interesting way of bringing it back to life and even making it a focal point of your interiors. Love colours? Paint your dining chairs with a single bright colour or pick six different colours to paint each one of them differently. Don't want to go overboard? Pick up an old mirror with a wooden frame and paint it in a bright solid colour.

A new cover up


Are the cushion covers making your otherwise well-carved sofa look unappealing? It's time to quirk it up. Bring in some bright upholstered cushions to give a complete new look to your sofa. The new cushions will bring back your sofa to life and further enhance its age old carving.

A backdrop


A changed background can do wonders, too. An open cabinet which has been kept in front of a plain coloured wall may get boring after sometime. Give it a brand new look by pasting a wallpaper only covering the size of the cabinet. This will show a nice backdrop from the shelves of the cabinet, making it look new and fancy. Moreover, a nice background can also enhance the look of the accessories kept on the cabinet.

Accessorise them


You could also add some accessories to the old furniture to give it a new look. For instance, stick some interesting magnets to your wardrobe, or just get crafty and paint some small motifs on the side table of your bed.

Authentic look


Want to give your old furniture and authentic old-world look? Rub off a little paint from the furniture to give it a rugged look. Such look is in and this method will make your furniture look more stylish that boring.

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Last Updated: Thu Aug 10 2017

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