DIY Décor Tips And Tricks For A Perfect Halloween Party

DIY Décor Tips And Tricks For A Perfect Halloween Party

DIY Décor Tips And Tricks For A Perfect Halloween Party
These Bollywood houses have etched with them a horrid past, bringing life to ghostly beings and would rightly fit the theme of a great Halloween experience. (Flickr/Artiom P)

Reading about ghost sightings or a friend’s narration of a weird paranormal experience could bring chills down your spine on any day except Halloween when everything supernatural and haunted becomes a reason for unlimited fun and entertainment.

A three-day festival widely celebrated in many countries on October 31, Halloween is just around the corner and beckons for costume parties, carving pumpkins, bonfires and all sorts of pranks. Though many love to celebrate the event at nightclubs or restaurants, there is no match for an ultimate eerie experience arising from an evening spent at home, watching a horror flick, with a bunch of close friends.

So, while you are planning to invite your friends to your house, you might want some help to decorate your space for the party. MakaaniQ shares some easy do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas.

Haunted room


Design the interiors in a way which could give cues to your guests about a thrilling time ahead. Start with the front door with wreaths and by giving your doormat a spooky twist. Place black-and-white rugs and Halloween lanterns in the foyer. A monochrome colour scheme works best for a perfect spooky atmosphere for the Halloween house party. Opt for inexpensive Halloween figurines for your walls shelf or mantle. Put paper bats on the walls, freaky pictures in the washroom and scary two-liner stories all across the room.

Lighting effects


Turn off the main lights and go for fairy lights or dimly lit jack o'lanterns which sets a chilling ambience while you share ghost stories with friends. Alter the string lights by placing mini-ghost crafts on each bulb. Classic black or dark blue lights on the front porch is an effective tip for an eerie night. Place lights or candles low to the ground, position them slightly upward and keep cutouts in front of them, which would produce elongated or deformed shadow effects.

Sound effects


Screams and scary laughter or whispers from unexpected corners of the house can be frightening. Well-placed speakers at hidden nooks playing creepy soundtracks like a mournful violin will do the trick for you. The sounds are easily available on the internet.

Dining table centrepiece


Adorn the dining table with a spooky table runner and candles. Prepare a theme menu, like most restaurants do, and make the food look dreadful and delicious at the same time. You could style the eatables or meat in shapes of monsters, skeleton, witch hats, fake spider webs and spiders.

Outdoor decorations


Give a graveyard look to your patio or garden with cardboard tombstones and fences. Make ghoulish figures out of pillows and old clothes and a black cat silhouette. Create a crime scene using red paint and a warning sign not to touch the evidence. Wrap plant pots and other outdoor objects with cotton cobwebs or skulls. Crave scary figures out of poster board and stick them outside windows, which could seem like a shadowy ghostly figure from the inside.

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Last Updated: Mon Oct 29 2018

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