Getting Ready For Diwali: 7 Must-Buy Decor Items For Your Home

Getting Ready For Diwali: 7 Must-Buy Decor Items For Your Home

Getting Ready For Diwali: 7 Must-Buy Decor Items For Your Home

Are you done with your home-cleaning drive? It's time to add beauty to your home and give it an all-new look this Diwali.

MakaaniQ presents a checklist of seven traditional must-have decorative items (with a twist) that you must invest in this season:

Aroma diffuser

Aroma Diffuser

Diwali is that time of the year when we welcome many guests at our home. Why not add a signature fragrance to your home? Invest in aroma diffusers (candle or electric) and install them in your living room and bedroom. These have an instant effect. Available in wide range of fragrances, you could pick from green grass, lemongrass, rose, lavender, among others. These can be bought at a starting price of Rs 200. These come in a package that has a bottle of oil, a diffuser, and candles or electric wire (depending on the package you pick).

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These are the traditional decorative items which we invest in every year. This year, go quirky with these torans. Buy some hangings that are differently designed with a contemporary and made in a variety of colours. Pick the most colourful ones in small and big sizes. Place them indoors, on the entrance gate, balconies and even on the windows.


Clay crockery

We all buy Chinaware, but how about investing in clay-made crockery this Diwali. Designed by seasoned potters, pick some earthen colours that fit well with your home decor and along with bringing the traditional crockery home, you could also contribute to someone else's Diwali celebrations.

Puja thali

Puja Thali

Enter the market, ask for a Puja Thali, and you will be presented with some interesting pieces. Invest in the ones that are not too cluttered with too many sections or painted with too many colours. Infact, pick a design this time that has frills on the rim and it all plain in the middle. 

Diyas & candles


This year bring home some bright hand-painted candles and diyas. You could find them in the exhibitions or melas near you. Opt for those made with organic colours and go green.



Buy a wide variety of lights for different areas of your home. Buy a long string of lights to cover the facade or wrap on your walls indoor. You could also buy strip light that works well when wrapped on the railing of the staircase, and on the doorway. 

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Rangoli colours


This year, buy organic colours to beautify your home with rangoli, a Diwali tradition. A welcoming sight, you could buy moulds that let you draw a design quickly and beautifully. 

Don't miss out on any of these items when you go for your annual Diwali shopping!

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Last Updated: Fri Oct 25 2019

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