Getting Ready For Diwali: 5 Areas In Your House That Need Thorough Cleaning

Getting Ready For Diwali: 5 Areas In Your House That Need Thorough Cleaning

Getting Ready For Diwali: 5 Areas In Your House That Need Thorough Cleaning

With Diwali just around the corner, you all must have been through with your festive shopping for friends, family and your own self. Amid all this, it's time to perform the annual home-cleaning ritual because it's believed that goddess Lakshmi visits homes that are spick and span. But, are you short on time? Worry not, MakaaniQ throws light on five areas in the house that would need your urgent attention and simple ways in which could make them clean:
Deep clean your kitchen


Begin with bringing out all the storage jars kept in cabinets. Start by cleaning the cabinets, replace the old newspapers or other plastic stuff that you use under the jars. Before yo put a new paper or plastic base, wipe clean the whole cabinet and let it dry. Meanwhile, wipe the jars with a wet cloth, or if the jars have a vacuum cap, you could keep them under the running tap too. Let them dry and then move them back to their place. You could follow the same process with your prized crockery.

Make sure you also clean all the appliances, including the fridge, along with the sink area.

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Infuse newness in your wardrobe


Bring out all the stuff from your wardrobe. Follow the rule — if you haven't used it for a year, get rid of it. Thoroughly clean all the cabinets of the wardrobe and create designated space for different things — daily wear, party wear, winter wear, summer wear, shoes, accessories, handbags, socks and undergarments. A designated space would make it easy for you to find the thing you are looking for quickly. Also, do not make huge piles, rather divide the clothes into smaller but more piles.
Of all the things that you have removed from the closet, some of them would be in perfect shape. Find can donate them to the needy.

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Change the furnishings

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This weekend, you would have surely picked up a new set of curtains, cushion covers, bedsheets or rugs. It's time to put them to use. But, before that remove the old furnishings and clean the furniture, curtain rods and flooring. Make sure you do not leave any corner. Then, start placing the new furnishings one by one. Begin with curtains, followed by cushion covers, bedsheets and finish it by placing the rugs.

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Freshen up the bathrooms


This area of the home generally goes ignored when we spruce up our homes ahead of Diwali. So, put on your gloves, pick up that cleaner and begin the process. The first thing should be to declutter the bathroom. Remove all the unwanted toiletries, unused brushes, and empty bottles. It's time to clean up the vanity or cabinets in your bathroom. Clean the tiles using soapy water. Put some disinfectant on the floor and clean all of the corners using lukewarm water. The last cleaning step should be to wipe clean the mirror. Now, place all the required toiletries at their designated place and put a closed basket or two for laundry. Don't forget, no hanging clothes behind the bathroom door.

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Sparkling entrance & balconies


The first impression of a clean home is a clean entrance and a balcony. These two things will come into notice the moment someone stands outside your home. If you live on a floor above the ground, include the staircase to your cleaning drive as well. Use the disinfectant to wipe the floors, railings and even the doors on the entrance and to the balcony. This area will have to be cleaned every day because a layer of outside dust would be formed every day as people come and go. To add to the beauty, place some nice hangings or decorative items on the door and make your home look bright and welcoming.

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It's time to invite friends and extended family for a pre-Diwali bash!

Last Updated: Tue Nov 02 2021

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