Discovering Pipili's Applique Technique

Discovering Pipili's Applique Technique

Discovering Pipili's Applique Technique
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The small town of Pipili in Odisha is no ordinary place. Located at 20 kms from the state capital Bhubaneshwar and 40 km from the heritage city, Puri, this town hosts many craft lovers, local as well as global, for the entire year, while November and December are considered to the best time to visit the town.

So what makes the town so popular?

The craft that has made this small Odisha town famous around the world is applique work. Using this craft, artisans form patches of different figures of animals, humans and shapes using different pieces of cloth, which they then stitch on a bigger piece. These beautiful products are beautified further by the use of mirror work. Using this technique, artisans at Pipili design products ranging from life-size umbrellas to festive lampshades, canopies to home furnishings and life-size fans to handbags.

25355371872_2d8c1f4ddb_k(Flickr/Andrew Moore)

The umbrellas known as chatras, a key feature at the annual Jagannath Yatra, are not only used for adorning gardens across the globe, they also feature in wedding decorations, too.


A walk to the town will show you women of the household immersed into their work, using bright clothes and unique designs, each work of art different from other. What more? These unique products are quite affordable, too.

So, if you looking to give your home a traditional tough without burning a hole in your pocket, do visit Odisha, Pipili to be specific, and bring home some applique craft work. You and your home are sure to stand out, wowing your visitors with your choice of handicraft. 

Last Updated: Fri Jul 15 2016

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