Different Ways To Drape Your Home In Silk

Different Ways To Drape Your Home In Silk

Different Ways To Drape Your Home In Silk
Silk is the most-revered and luxurious fabric to be used in home interiors. Dreamstime

Silk, the most revered and luxurious fabric, is elegant and natural with a lustrous and smooth texture. Owing to its royal look and feel, silk is one of the classic and sought-after fabrics to be used in home interiors. Although silk is expensive to buy and costly to maintain, it has its own set of advantages. Its refined texture and resilient feature make it a perfect choice for home décor. Staying cooler in summers and warmer in winters is it's another advantage. To give your home interior a royal and luxurious feel and look, here are some ways that you can use silk at your home.


Silk is not very apt for daily-use furniture. Drape the upholstery to pieces that are used occasionally. But, silk upholstery need extra care and a layer of knit to give it backing and a strong base. A durable upholstery padding will give more support and texture to the silk covering.


rug (1)
A silk base under your feet is comfortable and classy. The silk sheen under your foot is perfect for adding the royal feel to your room's interior. Choose a Persian rug as it is traditionally made from silk.


Silk upholstered wallpapers may not fit everyone's budget. These wallpapers are good to add shimmery texture and appearance and are ideal for both contemporary and traditional looks.


Adding silk throw pillows is one of the most economical ways to add an element of royalness to your interiors. Decorative pillows in different patterns, designs and colours are perfect to add on your plain or light-coloured sofa.


Curtains (flickr.com.Kal Hendry)
To complete the royal look to your living room, hang silk curtains. The soft textured curtained are perfect to make your room feel luxurious.


For a comfortable and cosy sleep, silk bedsheets are a good option as it gives you a smooth layering over your bed. They not only look classy, but when teamed with silk pillows and cushions they can charge up the interiors.

Quilt covers

quilts (2)
Like bedsheets, you can also choose silk quilt covers. They have a distinct look and will give an extra layering and covering to the quilts making them warmer.

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