How To Attract Positive Energy To Your House

How To Attract Positive Energy To Your House

How To Attract Positive Energy To Your House

Having a home is everyone's dream but, there are some homeowners that want their home to inspire them. A home that satiates their emotional need and also, make them feel like it's a whole new world every time they enter it.

We all have two sides to us — an optimist and a pessimist — and there are times when the pessimism overpowers. In such a time, you would to have an abode that let's the optimist side of you emerge and make you feel motivated.

MakaanIQ lists ideas that let you create a positive vibe at home and takes you on an emotional tour that makes you laugh, inspires you and give you a sense of calm:

A corner filled with laughter

How about dedicating one wall in your room to the legendary comedians? Place some posters of the comedians looking at whom could remind you of some of their most hilarious performances and brings a smile on your face. Posters of actors including Charlie Chaplin, Johnny Lever, Jerry Seinfield, or Patrice O'Neal could fill the wall. You could also bring in posters of their famous one liners, too. Not up for actors, how about some funny or quirky dialogues from some of the hit comedies inlcuding Munna Bhai series, Big Bang series, Friends among others. Look for something that plasters a smile on your face and lightens you up.

Room for inspiration

We always have a sports or an entertainment room in our home. But what about a room that inspires you and pushes you to give your best. Build one up if you are someone who needs continuous motivation. Call this your Inspirational Room and put images of all your idols who motivate you.  You could also go out and quotes posters too. Bring your own chalkboard to design your ideas or pen down your plans and how you would want to execute them. Furthermore, you can have few pics of your loved ones as there are always a great motivating force.

A calming connect

A home should always make you feel at peace and gives you a sense of calm. A home should have an ambience that can create different emotions within you including happiness, motivation and calmness. Create a space in your home which has minimal furniture, an open window and a wooden flooring. All these elements let's you be with yourself and the nature. 

Last Updated: Tue May 31 2016

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