Decorate Your Home with Fairy Lights

Decorate Your Home with Fairy Lights

Decorate Your Home with Fairy Lights

The holiday season might be long gone or nowhere around the corner, but that shouldn't come between you and your fairy lights! Romantic, playful, magical, fancy or simple - fairy lights are whatever you make them, whatever makes you happy. And happiness never goes out of season.


Moreover, the LED string lights or twinkle lights are extremely energy efficient and lead to minimum amount of heat loss. Therefore, without having to pay an exorbitant electricity bill at the end of each month, you can add style, ambience, and lots of sparkling energy to your home with these easy DIY ideas:

  • Glue one or more strings of fairy lights on your bed's headboard. You may want to consider using waste materials like egg crates, paper, cardboards, etc., to make butterflies, flowers or smileys. The tiny light bulbs can then be glued on to these to create a magical effect!
  • Give your curtains a new look by using a little creativity and some twinkle lights. Just glue the fairy lights on the reverse side of your curtains. Translucent or light coloured curtains are preferable in order to ensure that you have the perfect lit-up curtains for an enchanting evening.

Fairy Lights(Flickr/ray and love photography)

  • Summer evenings are incomplete without that end of the day repose in the garden. Wrap the tree trunks or swing-set stands in uniform spirals of fairy lights and sit back to enjoy a wonderful summer evening in your garden.

Fairy Lights Decoration(Flickr/info guruonline)

  • Fairy lights can be used to modify antique or discarded items like birdcages/houses, empty wine bottles, broken umbrellas and hoops into decorative installations for your home. Empty wine bottles or bird cages can be filled with fairy lights and lit up to create a brilliant effect. Broken umbrellas and hoops can be utilised along with string lights to create an amazing chandelier.

So get your fairy lights and create your own fairytale home today!

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