Crown Your Home With These Royal Decor Options

Crown Your Home With These Royal Decor Options

Crown Your Home With These Royal Decor Options

The palaces of the ancient times have always been the talk of the town given their large rooms, spacious courtyards, and well-maintained gardens. The interiors, too, which are equally awe-inspiring with rich furnishings.

So, do you dream of transforming your little abode into a classy regal home? Follow these royal theme ideas to add a touch elegance to your house and experience a sense of prominence.

Sleep like a king

king size bedroom(YouTube)

To create a royal bedroom, place a queen or king-size bed with thick comforter and soft pillows. Canopy or long linen curtains and drapes, particularly in royal colours including purple, blue or maroon hues would certainly create the desired magic. Sofa sets and armchairs in velvet material will help create add the imperial look.

Light it up


Standard red lamp or yellow lights ensure a warm ambience. Complement the same with a classy modern crystal chandelier, which can add a symbol of sophistication to your living space. Opt for some exquisite shapes and designs. For instance, a black crystal chandelier is mysterious and romantic at the same time.

The royal hues

red living-room-670237_960_720(Pixabay)

Paint certain areas of your home red as the colour epitomises lushness and riches. Some other colours, which are define royal, include bold blue hue, violet, rich black, golden, silver, etc. Select various shades of these colours and choose the perfect combination that would suit your requirement.To bring out the colours on the walls use plastic paints or acrylic paints. Gold spray paint on flower vases, door, hallway, etc. is yet another classic option for a kingly appeal.

Rekindle fond memories


Glittery accessories are ideal for decorating the home royally. For a gracious and opulent touch to your home interiors, highlight the living space and other areas with classy décor options--shelves with a tinge of gold, artsy mirrors, luxurious bathroom fittings, gold plated crockery -- all for a grand ambience. Personalise the wall by covering them with portraits of family and ancestors, rekindling fond memories. Do not forget to add a quirky wallpaper which will create a contrasting look.

The royal spread


Wooden furniture and flooring including cabinets, drawers, side tables, candle holders, lamps and flower vases are essential for an aristocratic and sophisticated atmosphere. Timber or hardwood flooring and solid or textured rugs adds much desired classiness to your home.

Last Updated: Fri Jun 10 2016

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