5 Home Accessories That Can Be Works Of Art For Your Abode

5 Home Accessories That Can Be Works Of Art For Your Abode

5 Home Accessories That Can Be Works Of Art For Your Abode
Many artists are trying their hands across various home accessories to give them a unique look transforming them into a piece of art. (Dreamstime)

Art can be found in smallest of things. A creative display of art, even if it's in a well-carved cutlery set, can add a personality to your décor and enhance the interiors of your home. With endless choices available in categories across fine art prints, sculptures, decorative, paintings, and even home accessories now, picking your perfect piece can be a tough decision to make. Many artists are trying their hand across various home accessories to give them a unique look, transforming them into a piece of art. 

MakaanIQ suggests some categories of decorative with a designer touch that you could pick for your home:

Wall arts and paintings

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The wide range of modern artwork available can complete the interior theme of your home. There is a wide variety of wall décor, art and paintings that you could choose from. Get them from renowned art galleries of your city, or even online. You could either go for established artists' works, which can be a little heavy on the pocket, or go to the flea market to find some interesting pieces designed by upcoming artists, at a much lower price.



Showpieces make the interiors of your home interesting, showcase a reflection of you, and give your home a personality. So, how about getting a unique work of art that could be exclusive to your home? When decorating your new home or upgrading an old one, showpieces can be an element of luxury.

Chandeliers and lamps


Lighting always has the dual purpose of illuminating the home and adding some style to it. Get some designer chandeliers, pendants or lamps that are attractive; these could serve as decorative accents for your home. Or pick some exclusive lamps -- floor, ceiling or wall lamps -- to enliven bigger spaces, while table lamps or task lights could accentuate the side table along with being useful while reading.

Designer mirrors


Incorporating designer mirrors -- carved or well-framed -- to your home's decor transforms the overall atmosphere of your home. Artists nowadays are creating some interesting wall art using mirrors. Pick one of these to adorn your walls. These act as a decorative element, besides adding light to the room, and give an illusion of larger spaces, too.

Candles and candle holders

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Candles are another home accessory that are being explored by designers. Carved candles and well-designed candle holders can together brighten up your space, apart from creating the right mood.

To give a luxurious and avant garde look to your space, add some silver or gold-finished wall-candle sconce.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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