7 Pottery Ideas To Give Your Home That Earthy, Organic Look

7 Pottery Ideas To Give Your Home That Earthy, Organic Look

7 Pottery Ideas To Give Your Home That Earthy, Organic Look

Pottery is an artistic way to give a special touch to your home décor. A classy and beautiful art form, which has a strong, rich tradition in India; pottery and ceramics can boost the style quotient of any home. Available in different shapes and sizes, pottery can be one of the most sought-after décor accessories. If you are also a pottery lover and want to make it a part of your home decor, here are some ideas for you.




A great way to add colour and design through pottery is by putting plants or flowers in a pot. You can keep the plant at an unusual place in your home. You can also hang multiple colour pots in your garden to make the space look more vibrant and colourful. Make sure that the pot you use is deep and wide enough to let the plant grow.

Coffee table décor

coffee table(Dreamstime)

Give your coffee table a stylish feel by keeping a clay pot in the centre of the table. You can also use multiple colours to coordinate the vases with your living room furniture for an attractive appeal.

Colour synchronisation

color coordinate


The beauty of pottery is that it is available in different shapes, sizes and colours. Pots in a single bright colour enhance the simple and subtle hues of the background. Here's why simplicity is a home decor trend.

Eclectic look


To give an eclectic look to your home décor, use a variety of pottery in different shapes, sizes, colours and designs. Balance the feel of your collection by keeping the scale of other furnishings, art and lighting of the room. Keep these multiple pots together at one place for a classy look.

Play with your style

work in style(Dreamstime)

There is no rule for home décor. With your home interiors, you display our own taste and style. Arrange your pottery the way you want. Decorate your shelves with varied pots or clay art pieces for a contemporary look. 

Fill the gap

Fill the gap(Dreamstime)

Pottery is an ideal choice to fill the vacant spaces. Fill the spaces where you are not sure what to keep and decorate. For example, spaces over the cabinets in the kitchen are the best places to keep big and large sized pots. You can also keep small pots in between the shelves to decorate your kitchen in style.

Arrange artfully

arrange artfully


Style and design your pottery pieces by arranging them in groups. Line them in style over a bookcase, tabletop or even on the floor. Curate the style to give a modern look to your décor. For example, you can keep multiple pottery in a bright or shiny colour on the side of your sofa.

Last Updated: Mon Nov 21 2016

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