Cool Tips To Give A Facelift To Your House

Cool Tips To Give A Facelift To Your House

Cool Tips To Give A Facelift To Your House

Giving your home a new look does not always mean that you have to burn a hole in your pocket. Sometimes, a thorough cleaning, few small repairs, and some touch-ups, is all that is required to lend freshness to your home. 

MakaanIQ shares some easy-on-pocket ways to give your home a contemporary look in record time, without you having to break a sweat: 

Play with the background

A new colour scheme can act as a catalyst that lends your home a new look. If you are bored of plain and simple walls, think about colouring them in a brand new way or use wallpapers. Consider your flooring and ceiling as the background components in addition to your walls. Paint walls in a bright hue, and add a lighter version of the same colour to the ceiling.

Decorate using frames

Buy a random assortment of frames in a variety of sizes and shapes and use them for decoration creatively all over your house. Create a collection of framed photos of your children, pets, flowers or greenery in your garden. Get them printed and framed for an amazing inside décor.

Bring the outdoors inside

Adding garden-fresh flowers, leaves, budding branches or even tender stem of plants from your own yard make for great decorative pieces. You can also frame pressed flowers and leaves for an organic look or even try spray-painting the dried branches and assemble them in glass vases for a higher visual appeal.

Display your collection

Use your treasured pieces as the focus of your house by displaying them together, rather than scattering them all over the place. It creates an aesthetically visual impact and also serves as a great talking point for your guests. Frames, vases, bone china or silver antiques make for good decorative pieces.

Add seasonal pieces

Simple seasonal centrepiece on your dining room table can transform the look of your space. A fresh posy will brighten the space and is apt for the spring season. On the other hand, you can try boxwood and apple topiary to add the perfect touch to the fall season.

Go for wooden interiors

The grace of wood adds class to any space. Wood in every texture looks exceptionally classy and elegant and adds warmth to the space. You can go for wooden flooring, wooden panelled wall or any other way to flaunt the beauty of wood and pace up the standard of your home.

Last Updated: Fri May 27 2016

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