Class Apart: 5 Must-Have Ceramic Items For Your Home

Class Apart: 5 Must-Have Ceramic Items For Your Home

Class Apart: 5 Must-Have Ceramic Items For Your Home
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An exquisite range of ceramic artifacts is a part of every lady of the house's dream when decorating her home. Ceramic in every form adds elegance and touch of luxury to the décor. For the ones looking to decorate their home the classy way, MakaanIQ lists five ceramic products which you would want to go and grab right away:


  • Ceramic lamps



Light up your home using the wide range of designer ceramic lamps available in the market. These lamps come in a wide range of shapes, irresistible prints and sizes. Along with being the astounding talking points of your home, these lamps make great housewarming gifts, too.


  • Wall clocks

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Add a special character to your living space with unique carved wall clocks made of ceramic. These decorative clocks do so much more than just telling you the time; they bring in an illustrative charm and crank up the colour of the wall with their unusual designs and patterns.


  • Wall paintings



The wide range of beautifully-crafted wall paintings and other decorative add a stunning texture and abstract design to the walls of your home.


  • Crockery



Decorate your home using simple or printed crockery made of ceramic stoneware. You could pick between the ones with an antique raw look or one with a glossy finish and wow your guests. Display them beautifully in your crockery closet or on your dining table. Moreover, you could also use a ceramic plate or bowl as a decorative for the mantle or side tables.


  • Ceramic planters


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A classy look can be added to your garden outside or even indoors. Just visit the market and buy some crafted planters which are just perfect to use in your house. These planter are designed with glazed finish, a drainage hole and are convenient for both indoor and outdoor usage. These planters, when used outside are bound to make a bold statement in a patio or garden.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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