Checklist: 5 Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Take Up At Least Once A Year

Checklist: 5 Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Take Up At Least Once A Year

Checklist: 5 Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Take Up At Least Once A Year

A home is not just a financial investment. It is also an emotional asset. Like any other asset it needs timely maintenance to stay in the optimum condition. For most people repair work either means a crisis situation which needs to be addressed immediately or a bi-annual exercise which burns a rather large hole in your pocket. But it need not be like that.

MakaaniQ lists five maintenance tasks you can take up at least once in a year to ensure longevity of your home:

Check your borewell

Borewells are a common feature in homes nowadays, especially in cities where there is water shortage or highly-contaminated water. Ground water though used widely now is known to carry large amounts of impurities, too. So, every year, ensure that you check the water quality, check for any damage to the pipes or the machines installed. Moreover, if you have stopped using borewell, make sure you get it closed or else, it will further contaminate the ground water. For either of the processes hire a professional.

Check for pests and termites

This drive is a must and should be done in two phases in a year. Make sure every year before winters arrive, your home undergoes a pest and termite check and before summers, a pest control. While a pest control would not allow pest or termites to grow during the summers when the weather is hot and humid and a check later would ensure that your home is still pest- and termite-free. A few thousands can save that expensive furniture and wardrobes in your home.

Deep clean

Give your home a breather, deep clean it once a year. This would mean that every member of the family cleans their respective rooms, wardrobes and even the kitchen and remove or donate things they do not need anymore. These could be clothes, shoes, utensils, decorative and even furniture. This will ensure that your home is not just healthy but clutter-free, too.

Update emergency kits

We all have first aid and emergency kits at home. Updating them and overhauling them is important. In case of medicines, replace the expired ones with new. Fire extinguisher, if any, should be checked if it's in a working condition; if you don't have one, get it immediately. Other hand tools that run on electricity or battery should be checked for expired cells and malfunctioning parts. Keep these things handy and in a proper working condition so that you can easily access and use them in case of an emergency.

Save some for your home

It is a practice that every homeowner should follow. Save at least one per cent of the cost of your home to finance these maintenance jobs. It is said that a home needs that much of money every year to ensure that it stays in good shape. This is another measure that you should take which will ensure that other measures are implemented well.

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