Bring Your Home In Line With Stripes

Bring Your Home In Line With Stripes

Bring Your Home In Line With Stripes

If you want to give an electrifying touch to your home which is in line with the contemporary style then stripes is your best bet. These vertical and horizontal streaks in varied hues and dimensions can up the style quotient of any home.

MakaanIQ suggests a couple of ways to use stripes and create an ever-lasting impact.

Stripes on walls

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A bold way to add stripes to a room is by painting the walls in stripes. However, do not go overboard the design and chose a focal wall instead. Or you can colour the walls in any neutral shade and paint the ceiling in stripes. You can also opt for wallpapers in such a pattern.

Striped floors


Give the floor of your room a designer feel in stripes. Choose tiles in two different colours for flooring and get them arranged in a striped format. You can also cover the floor by a bold and striped rug. Make sure to contrast the colour of the rug to the theme and other furnishings in the room.

Striped cabinets

Get the wardrobes of your room or kitchen cabinets painted in stripes for that uber-cool look. 

Striped upholstery


Add furniture pieces in stripes and give a new look to your interiors. Include a striped sofa, chair, ottoman or other similar upholstery to add some oomph to your house.

Striped furnishings



Cushions, bedsheets, pillows or curtains in vertical or horizontal stripes is an easy-on-pocket way to do up the interiors of the house. Use different combinations of striped cushions to give a minimalist look to your sofa. If painting the walls or adding wallpaper is not an option available for you, then simply add striped curtains in your room. This will also give an illusionary effect of taller ceilings.

Last Updated: Mon Jun 06 2016

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