Bring Home The Colours Of Nature This Festive Season

Bring Home The Colours Of Nature This Festive Season

Bring Home The Colours Of Nature This Festive Season

Many wait for the festive season to give their home a completely new look and feel. The festive season starts with the festival Navratri (the nine nights festival celebrating nine avatars of the Goddess Durga) and goes on till Diwali. Before and during these month-long festivities, people put their full focus on their home, on keeping it neat and clean and also, decorating it.

This festive season, go back to the roots. Fresh and close to nature, this look goes well with the traditions followed during the month of festivities.

Here are some interesting ideas you could implement:

Say it with flowers

Flower garlands are used to decorate homes during the festive season. The entrance, the windows and the temple in the house, all are decked up using flowers. The flowers add colour and fragrance to the home, making you feel close to nature.  

Brighten up with earthen decorative

The market, during the festival season, is full of decoratives made of terracotta. From diyas to flower vases, and from idols to side tables, each of these are available in colourful terracotta. You could pick all this variety for your home to give it a traditional look.

Colours of festivity

Festive season is the right time to add new and fresh colours to your home. Paint your home with colours that reflect nature or are in-sync with the new décor you plan to add to your home. Apart from painting your home, you could add new furniture or furnishings that reflect colours of festivity. Traditional Rajasthani cushions and rugs, phulkari wall hangings, among other could be an interesting way to give your home an ethnic look.

Light up the mood

Following the theme, invest in a lot of diyas and replace them with the lighting you would have otherwise used to decorate the façade of your house. Colourful diyas and their light will give your home a traditional look and feel. Also, you could save on energy by not using electricity-run lighting.

Last Updated: Wed Mar 22 2023

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