Bring Home The 17th-Century Baroque Décor

Bring Home The 17th-Century Baroque Décor

Bring Home The 17th-Century Baroque Décor

You are one of those who wants to keep their home décor updated. And, you are wondering how to give your home a touch of the 17th-century baroque décor, which has now in vogue.

For the beginners, dated back to the 17th Century, the baroque style of architecture emerged in Italy during the reign of French King Louis XIV. The style, defined by intricate, dramatic and grand designs, is making a comeback in a new-age avatar in home décor.

Here is what you can do to bring this Italian style close to your home:

Light and shine

Baroque Lighting(Dreamstime)

The baroque style is full of intricate designs that are curvy and flow all through. One of the easiest ways to style your home with this style is to add a statement chandelier to your living or bedroom. If you want to go all out with it, give your room some interesting paintings that depict the era baroque belongs to. On the other hand, if you want the chandelier to stand out, place a straight-line sofa with minimal decorative in the room. Pick from a white, gold or black chandelier for the desired look.

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Bold and beautiful

Baroque Sofa(Dreamstime)

You can never go wrong with a baroque-inspired sofa. A sofa that is made of rich colours or patterns with carved design patterns on the wooden arms and feet is the very definition of going baroque. However, when placing a sofa set like this, make sure the room is spacious enough. Too large a piece could make the place look congested.

That one masterpiece

Masterpiece Baroque(Dreamstime)

The 17th century has been known for some amazing art pieces in the form of paintings as well as sculptures. So, as a fan of this style, add some artworks that are similar to some famous works of that time. Also, you could find some masterpieces that depict the times then.

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All that glitters

Glitter Baroque(Dreamstime)

For the true nature of the style to unfold, you will have to add a dash of drama to it. Colours that attract human eye and have a royal finish to them, including gold, metallic grey, black, maroon and royal blue, make the baroque décor look perfect. Imagine a sofa with black fabric and metallic grey arms or a pearl-white sofa with golden arms and feet.

Blast from the past

baroque door(Dreamstime)

A door designed with intricate details, coloured in white and dash of gold can be your entry to the 17th century baroque style. You can find such doors with dramatic nobs at antique stores or get them designed by a carpenter.

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