Brighten Up Your Home With These Ignored Things

Brighten Up Your Home With These Ignored Things

Brighten Up Your Home With These Ignored Things

Artists have always thought of creating something useful out of waste.  This is a great way one can contribute to the environment plus it saves money as well. What if you can also make the best out of the ignored things at home? Don't worry it might seem difficult at first but it is actually fun to do.

MakaaniQ brings simple ideas that can help you make the best out of waste:

Roses from egg cartons


We often consider egg cartons as a waste and throw them off. But, you can transform these egg cartons into beautiful roses if you are creative. For this, cut off the top half of the egg carton. Now, cut individual egg cups and trim the outside edges. Paint these and allow the paint to dry. For securing these, thread a green pipe cleaner through the flower and bend it inside the cup. With the help of a hot- glue gun cover the centre of the flower with a pompom. Now, make as many as you want. With these, you can create a beautiful bouquet to place at your home.  

Curtains using an old blanket


If you have an old blanket and you are planning to give it away to your maid, then hold on. Do not throw it away. You can use this old blanket to create a lovely curtain for your windows. For this, you simply need an old blanket, a beautiful lace tablecloth and pincer clips. Just lay out the blanket and then on top of it place the tablecloth. Now, apply pincer clips at regular intervals.  You got your curtains without experiencing the hassle of sewing or spending too much of money.

Flower wall hanging using waste CDs



If you have some CDs that no longer serves your purpose, then you can use them to create a wonderful wall decor. The beauty of it lies in its simplicity. You just need artificial flowers, tape, glue gun and spare CDs. All you need to do is stick a flower on each CD. Now with the help of a tape attach these 3 to 4 CDs and hang it on your wall.

Stylish photo frames


Decorating your home with the pictures of your loved ones is a great wall décor idea. If you are thinking to decorate your wall with the pictures of your loved ones, then you might be glad to know that you can make affordable photo frames within the comfort of your home. Spare CDs, newspapers, bangles and yarns can be used to make a beautiful photo frame.

Beautiful vase from a waste cardboard


Convert waste cardboard boxes lying around the home into beautiful flower vases. Cut the card box into the shape you want. Now, use right laminate paper and beautiful embellishments for enhancing the beauty of this vase. Place beautiful flowers in this vase made out of waste cardboard.

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Last Updated: Tue May 23 2017

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