5 Lighting Mistakes That You Must Avoid

5 Lighting Mistakes That You Must Avoid

5 Lighting Mistakes That You Must Avoid
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Long gone are the days when lighting was used to solve the basic purpose in most households. Today, it is an essential part of the home decoration process. However, some of us may still be lacking the expertise required to optimise this medium in our home décor, and may commit mistakes while operating.

In this article, we list five of the most common lighting mistakes.

1. Extensive use of recessed lighting

Recessed lighting is used extensively across homes, thinking that the beautiful fixtures used in such lighting, enhance the beauty of the interiors. However, recessed lighting can go wrong in certain areas as these are known to provide a beam-like light without spreading enough to the room. Using these lights a lot across your home would mean that you are not illuminating all of your home, functionally.

2. Sticking to one type of lighting

Using a single type of light can be a wrong plan. Each room, depending on its usage, requires different types of lights. For instance, to bring out the beauty of the decor of a living room, one needs to install a mix of ambient, focus/task and accent lights. While ambient lighting would light up the whole space to create a mood, focus or task lights would enhance some of the beautiful decorative spaces and accent lights would further accentuate certain areas of a room.

3. Installing fixtures on a high ceiling

Installing lights on a high ceiling will not help achieve the purpose since it hangs high from the actual space that needs to be lit up. Find the lowest point of your ceiling to install lighting to ensure all areas of the room are well-lit. Interior experts suggest you follow the Rule of Thirds. Here, you divide the space with high ceiling into three parts. The first part is the ceiling, the second is the wall and the third is the furniture. Now, install lights in such a way that all these three are well-lit. Again do not forget to use a mix of different types of lighting.

4. Ignoring task lights

Task or focus lights are important to accentuate the things that beautify your space. For instance, in a living room, installing ambient light is as important as to install focus lights. Task lights are important for your study room, too. Such fixtures lessen the strain on your eyes, and allow you to focus on your work.


5. No focus on sync between décor and lights

This is one of the intricate details that many of us miss. The wall colours and the lights in a particular room need to be in sync, else you will end up either brightening up the room excessively or darkening the room. We are all aware of the fact that dark colours tend to absorb light while bright colours reflect it. So, for the lighting to be perfect in your rooms, have bright coloured walls. In case you want to have an accent wall with dark colours, install focus or accent lights to brighten up that space.


Last Updated: Fri May 15 2020

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