Brighten Up Your Evenings With These Outdoor Lights

Brighten Up Your Evenings With These Outdoor Lights

Brighten Up Your Evenings With These Outdoor Lights

You would like to spend your evenings on the deck of your home, have that reflective moment in your garden lounging on the garden chair, or partying with friends in the backyard of your home. Imagine all the get-togethers without any lighting or just the same old boring halogen bulbs. As much as the light arrangements are important inside your house, they are equally crucial to brighten up the exteriors of your house.

MakaaniQ brings you some beautiful outdoor lighting ideas for bright and cheerful evenings.

Good-old lantern



The good old lantern never goes out of fashion. The carriage lanterns of wrought iron give the traditional French or Georgian look to the house. The light can be connected to the dimmer switch so that it can be adjusted according to the time. The lanterns come in various shapes and colours and can be hung from any height, in your patio or to any pillar. It can be lit with candles or LED lights.

Lighting up the landscape



The landscape lights are available in umpteen finishings. Short in height, they can be used to light up the garden paths by giving just the right amount of light.

Fire pits


The fire pits have a charm of their own. The warmth of the fire brings people closer. Simple groundwood fire pit is a good option but the fancy stone or steel fire pit would also add beauty to the place.

The ancient lights


In the absence of electricity, our ancestors used to light up earthen lamps and candles. Candles give a soft glowing light and when placed inside a designer candle holder so that the flame of the candle glows uninterrupted and is not knocked off the table. The decorative metal or bamboo “tiki torch” can be fixed to the wall outdoors. The open flames from the torches would give a new look to the outdoor parties.   

String of lights


The vision of the string lights brings the thought of party to our minds. The string light just set the mood right for any party and has a very cheerful disposition. The strings can be wrapped on the tree trunks or can be wrapped around the poles or the banisters for giving an illuminating outline to the landscape in the dark.

Air with light


Another way to have outdoor lighting is having fans with decorative lights. The fans can be fixed on the ceiling of the gazebo or the front or back portico. Just a word of caution, the fan installed should be for the outdoor purpose if the fixture is in the open without a ceiling.

Light post



The light on its own post comes in various numbers, and don't take up too much of space. They can light up the outdoors without the harsh bright light of the flood light. The varying height of the post determines the function of the light. The taller post can light up the driveway, whereas the mid-height light posts can be used for the darker alcove.


Lights on the wall



These are modern fixtures mounted on the walls for illuminating the dark galleries, stairways, and walkways. Also, they will brighten up the recessed parts of the outdoors.

Last Updated: Tue Aug 30 2016

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