BloomingTale: 10 Ways To A Healthy Garden

BloomingTale: 10 Ways To A Healthy Garden

BloomingTale: 10 Ways To A Healthy Garden

Having a green thumb is no walk in the park. Your greens are like your babies, they need to be fed and nurtured constantly so that you can see them grow. A little effort will go a long way to have a flourishing lawn. All you need is a daily stroll to look around for what your greens need. A time-to-time attention will give your fruitful results. Here are a few tips for a blooming lawn.


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The type and quality of soil can affect the growth of your plants. Before you begin planting your garden, test and check the soil. The quality of the soil can give you an idea what nutrients it lacks or what additives it needs.   

Shear it off

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Some plants get better with shearing. Do not hesitate to shear your plants if you see they are getting heavy branches. This will not only reduce extra weight but will also help the nutrients to spread evenly.


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Remove the flowers as soon as they fade away and the parts of plants are dead. Deheading helps and encourages new flowers to develop. Moreover, once you remove the waste, the seed or a bud will begin to grow in the area.


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Plants need food to grow and yield flowers. Fertilisers are one of the most common way to feed the plants as they help them grow faster and bigger. Fertilisers are minerals which must be mixed in water first so that the plants can absorb them via their roots.


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To keep them blooming and growing, your plants need adequate sunlight, some may need more than normal. Place your flora accordingly in the garden with the direction of the sun so as to give them required amount of sun rays.


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At times weeds may look beautiful to you, but they may harm your main plants by stealing valuable nutrients from the soil. Weeding should be a regular activity to ensure that your greens remain in a good shape.


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Your worst nightmare would be pests and bugs destroying your plants. Keep a close watch on your plants for any plant-eating insects and use essential pesticides to get rid of them. However, it is suggested to use organic pesticides so as to avoid any risk on the health of your greens.


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The most important and essential requirement of a healthy garden is water. Watering the plants should be a regular activity; however, make sure you water them adequately. Access watering can damage your flora.


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You may want your garden to flourish and bloom with flowers throughout the year, but it may not possible every time. Understand that for some plants flower buds are dependent on seasons and their life-cycle. Wait for the perfect climatic conditions when a particular plant flourishes with buds.

Home remedies

Home remedies (dreamstime)

There are some home remedies that aid the growth of your plants.

  • Tea – Soaking seeds of plants in tea leaves before sowing them is believed to provide essentials to the seeds to grow better.
  • Iron nails – It is an unconventional way to provide nutrients to your plant. Soak some nails in water and use the water (after removing the nails) to water the plants. The iron from the metal will remain in water and will be beneficial for the plants which need iron-rich soil.
  • Compost – Collect organic waste from your kitchen such as vegetable remains and potato skins and put them in the soil. It will work as a manure for the soil.
  • Banana peels – Bury banana peels in the ground to give the required potassium to the soil.
  • Milk – Mix a one part of milk with three parts of water and give it to your plants. Since milk is full of nutrients, it will be beneficial for your plants.


Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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