What Are The Best Materials To Create False Ceiling?

What Are The Best Materials To Create False Ceiling?

What Are The Best Materials To Create False Ceiling?

False ceilings these days are a common construction feature in residential as well as commercial buildings. While ceilings in a residential structure require more manpower and design aesthetics, in a commercial set up these need to be sturdy, durable and easy to install. 

This could be achieved using various materials that are being used to construct a false ceiling these days. MakaaniQ lists five different materials that are being used in creating false ceiling in different set ups.

Plaster of Paris (POP)

Among the most commonly used material for false is POP. It is easy to mould, making it the first choice for those planning to have a carved ceiling. It can also be used with other false ceiling material such as wood or metal, to create a versatile look in a room. Over 25-40 per cent cheaper than Gypsum, POP is highly durable.

Best suited for: Residential

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Gypsum is a choice for those looking for a light-weight building material to construct a simple false ceiling. Easy to apply, Gypsum can be applied seamlessly without many joints. This material comes in prefabricated form as boards that can be assembled on site by installing them in metal frames.

Best suited for: Residential


These false ceilings are also available in board form and largely used in large commercial spaces. This material is light in weight and completely conceals all the wiring and the centralised air-conditioning system. These are easy to install and are not expensive on the pocket.

Best suited for: Commercial


Glass false ceilings are all about beauty and luxury. Available in wide range of colours and patterns, these ceilings made of glass fibre also come in a prefrabricated form that can be installed using metal frames. As glass is a fragile material, setting it in metal frame is a must.

Best suited for: Residential

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Metal is one of the most sturdy and classy materials for a false ceiling. This ceiling is easy to install and can be polished in various finishes to create a visual of your choice. These are available in various sizes and shapes of sheets.

Best suited for: Commercial

Last Updated: Thu May 09 2019

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