Best Feng Shui Colour Ideas For Your Home

Best Feng Shui Colour Ideas For Your Home

Best Feng Shui Colour Ideas For Your Home

The choice of colours for your home reflects your thoughts, mood and personality. When used in the right manner, colours can have a therapeutic effect. While colour trends keep changing with time, there are certain colours that never go out of fashion.

The Feng Shui colours, which bring the desired Feng Shui energies to your house, create harmony and balance. MakaaniQ lists some classic Feng Shui colour ideas for attracting positivity to your home.


 Yellow represents the fire or earth element. Yellow hues add sunny, nourishing and happy feel to the atmosphere. With a touch of yellow, your kitchen, living room or kids' room can add a welcoming Feng Shui energy to the space. Sunflower yellow or pale buttery yellow colour tone are some suitable options.


A fire element, red is a vibrant colour that symbolises good fortune, passion, courage and romance. Jazz up your living room, dining room or kitchen by using dynamic shades of red. The colour is also ideal for southeast-facing rooms. But remember to balance the energy of red with some calm colours.


Green hues carry healing Feng Shui vibrations from the nature. The colour reflects the wood element and is said to heal headaches and eliminate anxiety.


Blue represents the water element. An elegant and serene colour, blue encourages positive communication, calmness and spiritual inclination.


Orange is a mix of red and yellow hues, so it captures the energies of both colours. Incorporate orange in your home décor to create a lively and fun-loving aura. Earthy orange is a great choice, especially for bedrooms.


White is a metal element and denotes purity, innocence and spirituality. Adding this colour to your bathroom will be a fantastic idea.


Greys make for a neutral and calm intonation and represent the metal element. They are best used as an accessory colour.


Brown is an earthy colour. A bedroom or living room in a brown-coloured theme is generally an area full of warmth and comfort.

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Last Updated: Fri Sep 29 2023

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