5 Bedroom Interior Ideas You Could Take Inspiration From

5 Bedroom Interior Ideas You Could Take Inspiration From

5 Bedroom Interior Ideas You Could Take Inspiration From

A bedroom is your private territory for relaxation. It is only ideal then that the bedroom should be personalised completely to make it comfortable, positive and peaceful. We bring to you five such bedroom interior designs that could gel with your personality and ensure your personal space has a calming effect on your senses.

Take your pick!


Go traditional: If you like all things Indian, a well-crafted bed with meshwork covered in traditional Jaipuri bed-covers would suit your taste. You could also add some traditional paintings to the wall behind the bed and also some beautiful lamp posts with dim lighting to compliment the look.


Go modern: A bedroom with a contemporary look would have straight lines, basic colours and minimal décor. A four-poster bed covered with white curtains, for instance, can make this room look bright and breezy. White sheets with a dash of colours in the form of a cushion or two will add the right amount of brightness to the room. Use some modern furnishings and decorative to complete this look.


Go dramatic: For those who love to be different from the rest, a dramatically created room is the right choice. Use of dark colours, for instance, turning the wall behind the bed black, adding some interesting leather furniture pieces, a floor-lying bed and some antique artifacts, together could create the perfect look. This room will be telling of the kind of things you like, different and unique.


Go royal: For the lovers of all things luxurious, giving their bedroom a royal touch is a must. You could take a cue from this bedroom on how every piece of furniture and decorative oozes luxury. From thick mattresses to fire-mantle and from designer carpeting to the well-crafted chandelier, this room has everything that makes it luxurious. Adding to the look is the crafted mirror on the top of the fire-mantle and the subtle use of sage (a shade of green) across the room.


Go playful: A bedroom with strokes of different colours around can give you your personal space in the bedroom. Pick a theme of colours, say blue and yellow with a dash of pink or red, like in this bedroom. While yellow, used in the chair, cushions and the hanging lamp, adds to the much-needed brightness of the room, the blue comforter cools off the warmth of yellow. These two colours together make a happy combination. However, the red flowers and the pink throw in the background break the monotony of blue and yellow. 

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Last Updated: Tue Jan 15 2019

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