Beauty With A Purpose: Evergreen Trees For Your Garden

Beauty With A Purpose: Evergreen Trees For Your Garden

Beauty With A Purpose: Evergreen Trees For Your Garden

Along with smaller plants and shrubs that add beauty to your garden, trees are a great way to not just add beauty but also offer privacy, shade and even fruits. Though you need a large garden space to accommodate trees, these could be a part of your home for generations to come.

Here are a few evergreen trees that are a beauty with purpose:

A splash of colours


Want to add an instant touch of colour to your front yard? Well, opt for a tree that have bright-coloured flowers and see how this adds beauty to the facade of your home. Look for a colour that would contrast your facade wall.  For instance, if the exterior walls of your home are white or in a pastel shade, opt for a tree with red, pink or yellow flowers.

Some of the trees that have grow bright flowers in abundance include Flowering Dogwood, Frangipani and Forsythia. But before making the choice make sure that the tree does not attract unwanted insects or animals.

Artistic branches


Trees are the focal point of any garden especially when it has differently-shaped branches. Interestingly, such trees ooze their beauty in the winters when they shed their leaves and once could see the actual structure. Some of the trees that have an eye-catching bark include Pride of India, Silver Birch, Fever Tree and Paperbark Thorn.

Fruit-full evergreens


Evergreens that reap tasty fruits are a double advantage. When sowing such trees make sure the condition of the soil is right — mainly clay or with a high PH level. Depending on the right soil condition choose the tree. You could opt for grapes and strawberry during the winter season when the soil is dry.

Offering shade


Choose trees that can provide shade and keep your home cool in the summers. A tropical tree with wide-spread branches and dense foliage can shade your home well. Apart from keeping the house cool such trees also create a screen or a hedge type surrounding to the home. Rain tree including Albizia Saman, Brunfelsia, Philenoptera Violacea and Golden Rain could be the best for this purpose. 

Last Updated: Thu Jun 23 2016

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