Aston Martin Set To Drive Into Miami Realty With Condos

Aston Martin Set To Drive Into Miami Realty With Condos

Aston Martin Set To Drive Into Miami Realty With Condos

Our hearts skip a beat each time we see movie character James Bond drive his fancy automobile in every movie. Over the years, the character has remained loyal to one brand, British automobile major Aston Martin. Known for its luxurious cars, yachts, and volvos, the brand has now ventured into the world of real estate and will soon launch its licensed apartment towers in Miami.

Here is all you need to know about the Aston Martin residences:

  • To be named Aston Martin Tower, the project will be a 60-storey structure located at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way, overlooking the Biscayne Bay. The project will be completed in 2021.
  • The tower will have a total of 390 units. This will include luxury condominiums ranging between one and four bedrooms, high-end penthouses, exclusive duplex penthouses with their own private pools and scenic terraces.
  • The project will also have some planned common areas, including spacious terraces and two lobbies decorated with furniture that will be inspired by Aston Martin's Halo line. The common areas will ooze the brand's signature, including colours, stitches and materials used, keeping the much obvious like vehicle showrooms or elevators away.

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  • The luxury amenities include an infinity pool on the 55th floor, a two-storey fitness centre with views of the bay, screening room and luxury spa. There will also be a British-style club. The residents will also have an easy access to Biscayne Bay via a private marina.
  • The tower has been conceived by Aston Martin in collaboration with Argentinian biggie, G and G Business Developments, a company which will also construct the structure.

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  • For the construction of the tower, Aston Martin at $125 million made a record-breaking purchase of the 1.25-acre site in 2014.
  • The structure will be as a sail-shaped highrise. The interiors of the condos will be inspired by Aston Martin's craftsmanship. This will include custom-designed finishes and materials just like that of their Vanquish or the Vantage supercars' gorgeous metal door handles and Kestral tan-stitched leather details.

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Last Updated: Fri Mar 17 2017

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