Asia's Most Expensive Four-Bedroom Home Up For Sale In Hong Kong For $446 Mn

Asia's Most Expensive Four-Bedroom Home Up For Sale In Hong Kong For $446 Mn

Asia's Most Expensive Four-Bedroom Home Up For Sale In Hong Kong For $446 Mn

Not just rich, you have to have a fortune to own a property in Hong Kong, the two-times leader in the Christie’s Luxury Housing Listing. Recently, a property has gone up for sale in Hong Kong’s most valuable neighbourhood, The Peak, at a price tag that is being considered to be the highest in Asia so far. A four-bedroom, one-family mansion has been listed on luxury real estate site Christie’s for a price tag of $446 million. If sold at the listed price, this home would become the world’s most expensive house, beating Villa Les Cedres, a 188-year-old, 14-bedroom mansion in the south of France, which was listed for $409 million.

MakaaniQ tells you more about this property and the neighbourhood:

The property

The mansion, built in an area over 16,000 square foot, was constructed in 1991. It has four bedrooms, four bathrooms and one partial bathroom. It also adorns the 1990s décor and has a swimming pool and huge parking space. The house comes with fully equipped and functional kitchen and is centrally air-conditioned. Although experts say there is nothing palatial about this property, it is the neighbourhood in which it is located makes it desireable. This might be a good chance for owners to own a huge space in Hong Kong’s most sought-after and expensive enclaves. The property went on the market in April 2018.

According to Landscope Christie’s International Real Estate, which is listing the property, the property is currently leased to a tenant and is owned by the management of Chuang’s Consortium International Ltd, who purchased it in 2004 for just $181 million.

The neighbourhood

The property is located in one of the most luscious neighbourhood of the city, famously known as The Peak. It is one of the most prestigious location and is home to Alibaba founder Jack Ma as well as prominent bankers, expats, Chinese millionaires and billionaires. The locality is a gated community surrounded by woods, providing each home with complete privacy. The property is just 15 minutes from the central business district and offers a picturesque view of Hong Kong skyline.

Last Updated: Tue Sep 25 2018

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