Are You Utilising Your Terrace To The Fullest?

Are You Utilising Your Terrace To The Fullest?

Are You Utilising Your Terrace To The Fullest?

Your head might be full of bright ideas to make the most of your terrace. One day when life is not so busy, you would like to grow a beautiful terrace garden here. You would also buy an iron swing and spend your evening rocking in it while sipping the piping hot cup of your favourite beverage, tea. You could also shape part of it and use the space to practice yoga or meditation.

If you are a lazy bug and would rather read a book, this same space could provide you some solitary space to do so. These are all, however, long–term plans. Because your need to engage in all these activities is not pressing enough, the terrace in the meantime is helping you by being a close by dumping ground. In case a tap is leaking in your bathroom, the need to fix the problem at the earliest is pressing. Same is true of issues in the kitchen. 

There is no way that you can let a broken wire hanging. Not so with the terrace. In fact, all the old articles of furniture which you did not know what to do with have been dumped in a corner of the terrace. You will resolve the matter when you have enough time. If you ventured into walking up the terraces of your friends, most often you would find it adorned with broken chairs and broken-legged stools rather than a flower pot or an iron swing. Because the water tank often overflows, a large part of the terrace is moist and has turned green with the growing moss.  Apologetically, this friend would inform you that they do not get the time to make the most of facility that they have in the form of a terrace. Mind you, people pay a premium to buy houses that offer terraces as part of the package. However, once the priced space is in their possession, not much effort is made to utilise it.

We do understand that there must be a time crunch and that you must be too busy to employ your attention on the terrace when there are a thousand things occupying your mind. You are in fact so busy that you often do not get a change to walk up to it and breath in some air. From home to office, the entire day is spent as if in a jiffy. All fair points. However, may we remind you that many problems that have seeped into your personal territory have much to do with the condition in which your terrace is. Do not be in such disbelief. This is something the ancient science of Vastu says. According to Vastu, keeping discarded household items on your terrace is a great source of attracting negativity. Not a corner of your home, says this ancient science on architecture, should be left unattended for its occupants to lead a happy and fulfilling life. This surely includes your terrace.

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Even if you are not a big believer of Vastu, you cannot argue that this dump that has gathered a thick layer of dust and has soaked plenty of the rainwater smells and has become home to bugs and pests. This is not just sore on your eyes; you are inviting maladies to have a feast on your terrace.

The need to clean up your terrace is, in fact, as pressing as the need to repair a leaking tap. As soon as the clean-up is done, you will be inspired to go further and adorn it the way you have always wanted.

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Last Updated: Mon Apr 22 2019

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