Are You Ready To Lift The Curtains From Your Window?

Are You Ready To Lift The Curtains From Your Window?

Are You Ready To Lift The Curtains From Your Window?

Windows do not always need curtains. Depending on their placement, decking up the windows without curtains can make them a statement piece in your décor. All you need to do is experiment. So, if you are ready to give the windows at your home a makeover, MakaaniQ lists five ideas that you could use for decorating windows without curtain and still maintain privacy:

The glass finish

stained glass window(hgdi.com)

For rooms, a glass finish for windows will be perfect. You could pick from frosted, stained or tinted glasses. Frosted glass is the best suited for areas you would want the natural light to seep in without any invasion on your privacy. On the other hand, stained or tinted glass is best suited for those who want to add a bit of drama to their decor. The tinted glass can help you add colour to your windows based on the décor you pick for your room. The tinted glass ensures complete privacy but depending on the colour may not suitable for areas where you need natural light. You could pick from various colours and patterns. These are best suited for foyer, kitchen and even bathrooms.

Brighten up with shades


A more compact version of curtains is shades or blinds. Earlier, the only form of blinds we knew was either plain plastic or wooden. But now, shades are available in various fabrics, colours and patterns. You could also pick from these choices – roller, fabric, honeycomb, roman, motorised. When combined suitably with the décor, these can be a focal point in your room.

Cover a little with valances

valances windows(Keywordssuggestion.com)

For those who are old school and love the vintage, valances are for you. Placed on the top of the window, these have been used as an additional accessory for curtains. But now, these are being used individually by people who do not want to fill the room with heavy curtains yet want to keep the vintage look. Remember, valances do not cover your windows. So, install them where you would want the natural light to seep in and are not worried about the privacy.

The shadow play with screen

screen window(Pinterest)

A concept popular in India, screen or jaalis create a great play of the sun and the shadow. Available in different materials, including plastic, wood, glass and metal, these look perfect in different laser cut designs. While one can enjoy the sunlight, the cuts in the frame allow the air to flow. If privacy is not an issue, the laser-cut design can be big and spread out. Where keeping the privacy is important, opt for an intricate design where the pores are small in size yet fulfill the purpose.

Make a statement with cornices

cornices windows(Pinterest)

Cornices, the box-style frames that cover the rod and rings of the window curtains, have now been given a makeover. These are now being used as a standalone window treatment. These are now available in various cuts and designs and can be accessorised using ornaments. How about giving them a similar shape as that of the headboard of your bed, or back of your sofa. 

Last Updated: Mon Jan 14 2019

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