All You Need To Know About Gomukhi And Shermukhi Plots

All You Need To Know About Gomukhi And Shermukhi Plots

All You Need To Know About Gomukhi And Shermukhi Plots

While buying a plot is not only about legal formalities and documentation but also about abiding by Vastu guidelines that govern the key elements of nature. In fact, the shape of the plot is an important aspect in Vastu Shastra that most buyers do not ignore.

There are two key plot shapes that are considered lucky, depending on their use — Gomukhi and Sher Mukhi plots.

 Gomukhi or cow-faced plots

According to Vastu, such plots are considered to be good for residential purposes. Gomukhi plots are narrow from the front but broad from the rear. However, the broad part should lie in the north-east direction and road should be on the southern or the western side. The narrow part of the plot should not be in the north-east direction as it is considered inauspicious. A bad gomukhi plot is the one which has a narrow part in the east with a road in front.

Gomukhi Plot

Gomukhi plots are considered lucky for housing purpose because the land shape symbolises the structure of a cow which holds spiritual importance according to Hindu mythology.

 Sher mukhi plots

Plots which are broad in the front and narrow at the rear are sher mukhi plots.The broader part of the plot is in the north and the road is in the eastern or the northern side. These plots are suitable for commercial purpose as the land shape symoblises lion, an animal considered as a source of power, control and efficiency. It is believed that commercial complexes on such plots bring huge profits for businesses. 

Shermukhi plot

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