Why Pebble Flooring Makes Perfect Sense

Why Pebble Flooring Makes Perfect Sense

Why Pebble Flooring Makes Perfect Sense

It is hard to forget the cool touch of pebbles lying under our feet if we have visited a beach any point in our life. These small stones that have been made smooth and round by the action of water or sand drive us to collect them owing to their sheer beauty. This is why they have been part of home décor for a long time now. Do we not see them handing in wall hangings? Are they not kept in glass jars to enhance the beauty and coolness of our sitting areas? Some get so fixated with the beauty of these tiny pieces of naturally formed rocks that they would love to have floor that are made of them. Thankfully, they would not find it hard to get the job done.

Now, let us see how to accomplish this task.  

There are two ways to do that. You can simply buy pebble stone tiles. These would have all the qualities of tile, except the fact that it would meet your foremost demand—you get the look you want. Tiles are comparatively more affordable (rates start from Rs 150 per square foot onwards while real pebbles will come for at least Rs 20 kilogram and move upwards to Rs 150 or more, depending on its quality), easy to install and offer you the liberty to change smoothly if you so wish.

Now, if the LOOK alone would not do it for you and you need the FEEL, too, you opinion might not be tilted towards tiles and you may want to install real pebble stones in your floors. At the onset, let us remind you that the FEEL would come at a cost, takes time to get installed and does not offer you the liberty to change as smoothly as pebble floor tiles do. But then, there are so many advantages that real pebble floors offer (about that, later).

The contractor you employ to do the flooring will mix real pebble stones with cement and adhesives to create a think substance that would be poured on the exiting floor or on a thin concrete base to create pebble stone flooring. Do note here that the height of the floor would increase slightly in case the mixture is poured over an existing floor.  It would take between 10-12 days for the floor to attain the solid form after drying up. While the installation work is in process, it is advisable to move elsewhere. Since large quantities of chemicals are used for binding purposes, it might lead to skin and breathing-related allergies upon contact.

Pebble floor are a brilliant flooring option for bathrooms, walkways, driveways, etc., because of their sturdiness since they have the wherewithal to withstand heavy footfall as well as moisture and heat unlike other floor options. They are also easy to maintain and last way longer than, say, a tile flooring.  Even if you want this as the overall flooring option, there is no harm in doing that.

The only drawback of pebble flooring is that it would gain dust particles and would attain a dark colour in the long run. For the cleaning work, professional assistance will have to be sought.

Last Updated: Mon Mar 18 2019

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